The Ultimate Fashion Lovers’ Fantasy: Rooms Dedicated Entirely to Clothes & Shoes

published Jun 7, 2017
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(Image credit: David Dines)

What would you do if you had an extra room in your apartment? Save it for a guest room? Transform it into a home office? Make yourself an at-home gym? For these fashion lovers, their extra room is used for storage — of the style variety! These homeowners and renters carved out a fashion-only room for specific reasons.

Below, four reasons why someone might have a room dedicated completely to clothes and shoes:

(Image credit: Anna Spaller)

To keep the bedroom for relaxing

The Richmond, Virginia home Ashley Carruthers shares with her partner Sean is full of warm wall paint colors and vintage furniture. And as the owner of Rosewood Clothing Co., Ashley has a beautiful collection of vintage clothes and shoes. So the second bedroom that serves as her office is more than just a creative place to work. It’s a beautiful space to display some of her favorite vintage articles. And it’s also a great example of displaying fashion affordably; the white shelves shoes are stored on isn’t pricey. But it was more than just finding room for more clothes for the couple:

The couple decided to remove all of the clothing and accessories from the bedroom, to keep it a space for pure relaxation.

(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)
(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

To make room for a growing collection

Rose Schreier is also a vintage clothing connoisseur. She admits that her Chicago home’s indulgence may just be the whole bedroom she uses just for clothing and shoes:

“Probably the fact that I have a whole bedroom for just my clothing and shoes; I like to refer to it as my ‘dressing parlor.’ I know most people usually use a second bedroom as a guest bedroom, but my clothing, hat, shoe, and jewelry collection has grown to such a size that I need a room just for it (guests have been very understanding). In fact, that was my main motivation in seeking a two-bedroom apartment in the first place — my collection had outgrown my previous one-bedroom unit.”

(Image credit: Heather Keeling)
(Image credit: Heather Keeling)

To feel like you’re shopping in your own home

Ana Nelson’s Tacoma, Washington house showcases another small room-turned-closet room. A small room at the back of the house operates as Ana’s vintage clothing store, Oh Ana. Though these are products she sells, it didn’t stop her from displaying them in a way that feels like a cute clothing boutique. This is the kind of setup that would make getting dress feel like shopping every day!

(Image credit: David Dines)

To have room to enjoy a collection

Mod Cloth’s founders’ home is a beautiful space, filled with quirky details and funny finds. Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger clearly don’t take design too seriously. And yes, Susan has one of the dreamiest closets of all time because she has a huge collection of clothing, but it’s not just about fitting all her clothes in her house. It’s about having the room to find and wear all the fun items she has!

(Image credit: David Dines)

“I really love merchandising out my closet and my spaces. It feels more special and gives me more inspiration when I’m in there,” Susan wrote in her closet tour.

How to display clothes beautifully when you DON’T have an extra room:

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