6 Bedroom Design Trends That’ll Take Over the Rest of 2019

published Aug 16, 2019
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Credit: Liz Calka

Your bedroom is, more often than not, your happy place. It’s your slice of solace from your busy schedule and overwhelming to do list, so it should be designed with you in mind. 

But just because your bedroom is extremely personal doesn’t mean it can’t have a touch of trendiness to it. Sure, we might’ve already predicted the biggest trends for 2019, but the pendulum has certainly swung since then. (After all, design trends come and go faster than you can say “mid-century modern”.)

So, we asked a handful of interior designers to share the trends they think will reign supreme for the rest of 2019. While their responses run the gamut—and oftentimes contradict each other—one thing’s for sure: Your bedroom will be certifiably stylish well into the New Year.

Credit: Rebecca Bond

Color Me Happy

“Color, color, and more color!  We’re seeing more and more bedrooms with a big color punch. Traditionally bedrooms have been more serene spaces, but many of our clients are wanting to kick them up a notch with color and pattern.” —Julie Kleiner Massucco and Melissa Warner Rothblum, co-founders of Massucco Warner Miller

Switch Up Your Surfaces

“Mismatched nightstands make a bedroom feel more collected and also can be super functional if you’re looking for a spot for a desk or skirted table.” —Julie Kleiner Massucco and Melissa Warner Rothblum

Au Naturale

“Neutral tones are here to stay—they’re soothing to the eye, create a relaxing ambiance, and an illusion of a boutique hotel experience with soft white linen sheets, textured accent pillows, and upholstered headboards. ” —Emilie Baltorinic, interior designer at Living Spaces

Credit: Liz Calka

A Stress-Free Space

“As a hospitality product design expert, I’ve seen a huge overlap in the design of hotel guestrooms and residential bedrooms in 2019. With staycations and wellness trends on the rise, it’s becoming a huge priority to create a relaxing retreat in your bedroom; a space that is tech and stress-free. Soft and cozy decor is key when bringing this trend to life with soothing colors such as eucalyptus green, mineral grey, and pink Himalayan salt.” —Stacy Garcia of Stacy Garcia, Inc. 

“There are so many bedroom trends right now, but one of our favorites that’s leaving a lasting impression on 2019 is turning your bedroom into a spa retreat. Luxury sheets with high thread counts give the room a pampering touch while upscale lighting makes the room feel bright and airy. Tone on tone colors are another factor that we absolutely love. This effect unifies the space and makes it feel restful. And there’s nothing better than bedrooms that make you feel relaxed, at peace, and calm. ” —Jade Joyner, co-founder and principal design at Metal + Petal

Canopy Craze

“It’s all about drama in the bedroom right now. We’re seeing grand canopy beds, layered lighting, wallpaper that isn’t limited to just an accent wall, and bold artwork—all working together to create spaces that are a bit romantic and theatrical.” —Caitlin Murray, founder and designer at Black Laquer Design

“The canopy bed is a classic in my mind and will never go out of style. It adds drama, as well as a sensual nook around your bed, and what more can you ask for in a bedroom?” —Margaret Ash, interior designer 

Walls That Wow

“We’re very into upholstering walls in the bedrooms we design, and we see this making a comeback when the budget allows. It adds interest to your space through color or pattern, but the padding needed to do it also provides an extra layer of insulation for the room.” —Caroline Rafferty, interior designer