This Stylish, $9 IKEA Bathroom Accessory Actually Belongs in Your Kitchen

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Let’s face it: Kitchen sink accessories are not the prettiest or most stylish things to look at — think neon dish soap, funky dishcloths, and plastic bottle brushes. I’m a wannabe minimalist at heart, so seeing these items on display all the time has been bugging me for years. Like many families, the kitchen is the most used room in our home. It’s where we entertain, work, study, and relax, too. So there was no escaping these unsightly accessories.   

My best solution was no solution: leaving everything in and around the sink where I could reach it instantly. I bought a tray to try to make this area look more organized, but it left a nasty puddle of slime and gunk on my white countertops. Despite frequent wiping, the white counters quickly started getting yellow stains. I was almost ready to give up and accept having an unsightly kitchen sink area. I mean — how else can you hide away a wet dishcloth or sponge without it starting to smell? 

All that changed on a recent trip to IKEA, when I spotted this tiny caddy for $8.99. Even though the TISKEN basket is designed and marketed for bathrooms, I knew I had to try it for my kitchen sink area.  

It’s a simple basket with lots of holes at the base and suction holders for attaching to a shower or bathroom wall. It’s not unpleasant to look at, but looks didn’t totally matter, as my plan was to place it on the inside of my under-sink cabinet door.  The suction bit was what drew me to this basket at first, as I had no desire to drill any holes into my kitchen cabinet door.  

The one completely unexpected bonus of this item? Storing a somewhat wet dishcloth in the basket didn’t leave it with that old dishcloth smell. I’ve tried stowing slightly damp dishcloths out of sight in the past, but my husband smells them from a mile away, so I always get caught. I snuck one into the IKEA TISKEN basket and left it there overnight. Guess what? It passed my husband’s smell test! He didn’t even notice. Maybe it’s because of all those holes in the basket for ventilation — but without dripping. Whatever it is, it works!

Best of all, it couldn’t be easier to reach for things when you’re doing the dishes. The baskets are also small enough to have two mounted on one cabinet door if you need more storage space. The design is also super-sleek; white plastic meets clean lines, which works great with my modern kitchen (even though it’s only visible with the cabinet door is open).

I love finding practical solutions for hiding away everyday stuff that needs to be very accessible but isn’t exactly eye-candy. This under $10, simple but stylish bathroom basket has been an unexpected yet perfect solution to hide away my kitchen sink accessories. All that’s left is for me to take off the tag!