This Uniquely Shaped Tiny Home Comes Fully Assembled

updated Jul 17, 2020
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There’s no shortage of stylish tiny homes out there, but many still have some assembly required. This project—aptly titled Mobile Home—comes delivered, already fully assembled.

Created by designer Ruzanna Andressa Oganesya, Mobile Home is built on a moving platform that can fit on a freight liner truck bed, and is therefore easily transported to any place you’d want to put a modern, off the grid tiny house.

The compact structure may only be 150 square feet, but gives the sense of being larger. The hexagonal shape of the walls of windows and skylights allow for more light and air to flood the tiny space. The interior is also maximized by a mezzanine level bedroom.

The design includes all the necessities, such as a kitchen and bathroom, as well as its own deck. We could see a bunch of these set up as a gorgeous tiny house village, though with all those windows, you might want some space between you and your neighbors.

Some have described tiny houses on large swaths of land as “fetish objects” that appeal to us with their novelty but don’t solve any real problems. Others find it as a way to live simply and reconnect to nature (either full time or as an escape). Though we love a good tiny house, we’ve definitely asked the question, how small is too small?

Our assumption is that Mobile Home is still a prototype, as we couldn’t track down any information about its price or availability. Still, the design is worth appreciating for its creative use of space and ease of transport.

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h/t Inhabitat