If You Love the Mushroom Lamp Trend, You Need This TikTok-Viral Anthropologie Candle (It’s Only $30!)

published Sep 6, 2023
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You can always count on me to have a candle burning once the sun goes down — I’ll do anything to avoid turning on my harsh overhead lights, so in addition to dimming my lamp’s bulb to an extremely low setting, I’ll have at least one candle going to illuminate the room. As you might expect, I’ve gone through my fair share of them, whether it be cheap Dollar General ones to higher-end options from brands like Anthropologie. And now that fall is quickly approaching and the sun won’t be out as much, I’m sure I’ll burn through even more.

Since working at Anthropologie last year, I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that candles are worth splurging on, and if you’re familiar with the retailer’s prices, you know that they can cost a pretty penny. It used to be difficult for me to convince myself to spend $30-plus on a candle of all things, but once you experience just how good Anthro candles smell, there’s no going back. But if you need it to be a little more special to get over the hurdle of the price, you need to check out this gorgeous, $32 one that looks just like a mushroom lamp.

What is the Cheena Glass Mushroom Lamp Candle?

Candle warmer lamps were all the rage last year on TikTok, but a couple of weeks ago, a new kind of candle lamp made waves on the app. Garnering nearly 2 million views, @ayvlia.geng posted a video of the candle in action, and it had users commenting “I need this” left and right — and after doing some digging, I’m right there with them. 

You’ve probably seen a mushroom lamp on your social media feed a few times, or maybe you’ve encountered Urban Outfitters’ mega-popular Ansel lamp in an influencer post or two. At this point, you might even own one yourself — they were everywhere last year and their popularity has shown no sign of waning. 

Anthro has given the trend a new twist though, mimicking the mid-century design with a smaller glass candle vessel. The lower half that encases the wax curves inward toward the top, and the removable upper half functions like a lid, shaped just like a lampshade. Though downsized, it’s nearly identical to Urban’s Ansel lamp, but rather than being illuminated by a bulb, a flame does the job.

When I first watched the viral video, I was entranced by the colorful glass — the user opted for the pink “Floral Fruity” option, but it comes in a more neutral tortoise and a beachy blue and cream. Though I can’t speak for the other colors, the soft glow that the pink gives off looks beyond stunning in a dim room.

But even though I would purchase it for how stylish it looks alone, reviewers report that it actually smells good too! Each color has a different scent: pink is night gardenia, blue is apple cider champagne, and tortoise is a woody spice. And though they have a 20-hour burn time, you might be thinking, ‘That’s cool and all, but what about when it runs out?’ That’s the best part — when it’s gone, you can clean out the glass vessel and either keep it for its looks, use it as a trinket jar, or place a small candle on the inside to get the same effect.

Credit: Anthropologie

What Anthropologie Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.6/5

“So unique and so precious!!! All of the glass variations where slightly different in the store, but all were beautiful!” – Kay1234

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE this candle. It smells good and is sooo pretty! It looks so magical when the top piece lit up, and when the room is dark. I also found that the top piece also fits a lot of my smaller trader joe’s candles etc for more use:) Def worth the investment.” – Hippster

“Smells lovely and elevates any space.” – KatherineLouisaP

I’ve always wanted a mushroom lamp, but now that it’s crossed my radar, I want this candle mushroom lamp even more. I’m ordering one of these ASAP before fall arrives and I start keeping my candles going all day long. You should, too, before even more people catch on and it sells out!