Watch This TikToker DIY a Luxe Canopy Bed with Just Fabric & Curtain Rods

published Jan 8, 2024
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Canopy beds have an undeniably dreamy decadence (they were once fit for royalty, after all), whether they’re decorated with ornate curtains or left as-is. Sadly, though, these tall four-poster frames don’t exactly scream “small-space friendly,” plus they typically cost more than standard beds. But one TikToker just proved that you can seamlessly DIY this luxe look for less, regardless of your ceiling height or bedroom size, with just a few low-budget materials (read: no new bed needed). 

Los Angeles-based design expert Marco Zamora, who’s been documenting his stylish home makeovers via TikTok (you may have already seen his kitchen art hack and plant window project), recently shared a new bedroom reveal post. On top of swapping out his bedding and sewing on mini bows, he also created an ethereal-looking bed canopy using just two white curtain rods, a long piece of fabric, ceiling hooks, and a thin chain link

First, Zamora picked out the fabric that would frame his bed: a neutral-toned white and beige striped design (he did have to sew and hem it to the right measurements). Next, he installed two ceiling hooks above the foot of his bed and hung symmetrical pieces of chain from each. These both appear to be cut about a foot long, but you can customize the size depending on your bedroom ceiling and how close you want the canopy to hit. Zamora then looped the ends of one curtain rod through the chains to suspend it, and installed the second rod at a similar height on the wall directly above his bed via two more hooks.

Finally, he wove the fabric through both curtain rods for the full canopy effect, leaving the top panel slightly loose with a small foot-of-the-bed overhang portion. Here, you can easily maneuver the fabric and play around with the overall styling and tautness, and if there’s any excess material simply pull it behind your bed. Best of all, the white curtain rods look barely noticeable from the finished product.

Of course, the canopy alone now makes this space seem even more dramatically high-end, but Zamora also topped off the DIY with a piece from his limited-edition collab with Brazilian artist Antonia Figueiredo. He added a nail to the wall through the fabric behind his bed (so make sure you’re happy with the alignment beforehand if you copy this step!) and hung the painting from there, centered in line with the canopy and layered right on top of it. Because this canopy bed project takes up zero floor space, it’s perfect for adding elegant visual interest to smaller bedrooms. Plus, the fabric lends an extra design element that’s tailored to your style preferences, whether you go for a muted solid color or take a cue from Zamora’s pretty patterned choice (and the bolder, the better!).