This TikToker’s One-Step Hack Transformed Her Entire Bathroom in Seconds

published Jul 3, 2023
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There’s honestly only so much you can do to decorate a renter-friendly bathroom — fun towels, a cool bath mat, and maybe some art if you have wall space to spare. One Tiktok user, though, is bucking the bathroom status quo with an incredibly easy (and stylish!) one-step shower curtain hack that takes less than 60 seconds to complete and uses a material you may already have at home.

Designer and DIYer Olivia Claridge (@olive.bloom) recently shared a TikTok post of her mini bathroom makeover, which begins with her holding a fistful of marigold-colored ribbon against a checkerboard shower curtain from Urban Outfitters. The video then transitions to reveal that each piece has been arranged into a dainty little bow, then neatly tied around every other shower curtain hook. And that’s it, that’s the hack — simply adding decorative bows to your shower curtain. At the end of the post, Claridge shows off her ethereal-looking finished product, which feels straight out of a cottagecore Pinterest board.

You only need a few pieces of ribbon (or even leftover strips of fabric) to tackle this pretty “project” in your own bathroom. For a more luxe aesthetic, I’d suggest gravitating toward materials like silk, cotton, or linen at your local craft store as well as checking out Etsy for high-quality hand-dyed variations or vintage options. Of course, this shower-enhancing hack is completely customizable, too: Mix and match different ribbon patterns or colors, especially against a plain white shower curtain, or experiment with a thicker width for more voluminous bows.

Creating the bows themselves is essentially the only step involved in this process, and Claridge even details how to perfectly tie them in a separate video. Once you’ve mastered her tutorial, it’ll take just seconds to knot and hang each individual accent. Just make sure you cut each piece of ribbon to the same length, and keep them on the longer side to start — it’s better to have excess you can trim later rather than the reverse. 

Whether you space them out along your shower curtain or attach one to every single rung, this tiny bow trick gives any bathroom a personalized, put-together feel — all for potentially less than $10, depending on where you source your ribbon.