This Couple Built a Tiny Home from an Old Army Truck

published Jan 4, 2019
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In addition to the highly popular #vanlife movement, there’s another vehicle-turned-home trend bringing out creative builders by the truckload. To date, we’ve seen a garbage truck converted into a living space, various school busses turned into homes, and a fire truck transformed into a vacation home. Joining the list of these super original homes-on-the go is the Lorry, an army truck tiny house built by couple Tom and Sophie.

At a mere 72 square feet, the home functions completely off the grid. The building process—which Tom and Sophie have documented on their blog, The Lorry Life—began with the search for the perfect vehicle. After purchasing the army vehicle off eBay, the couple went to work on the design, with the goal of maintaining the Lorry’s original look.

Four months went into designing and building the home’s steel frame. Between collecting reclaimed pallets from a friend and local building sites, Tom gathered enough of the materials to construct the home’s exterior as well as the ceiling, interior walls, sofa, and kitchen frame. He utilized his skills as a metal worker to construct the roof, which is made from Zintec steel and features solar panels.

Inside the home, there’s a sitting room with dark wooden floors that contrast nicely with the red sofa, which fills up the small space. The kitchen features quite a few recycled items, including old ammo boxes that became the kitchen drawers and the original lorry bed, which was used to make the worktop. In the bedroom, a full-size pulley bed makes for a nice, comfy sleeping area. The bathroom features a black and white tiled shower with copper pipes, copper shower head, a composting toilet, and a cupboard fashioned out of an old picture frame and a mirror. Outside, a large deck positioned on the hood of the vehicle is perfect for hanging out or hosting a barbecue.

For more info on Tom and Sophie’s army truck tiny house and to read about their future projects, follow them on Instagram or check out their blog.