This Unfolding Tiny House Can Be Built In Just 6 Hours

published Dec 1, 2017
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(Image credit: M.A.DI)

Here’s a real estate reprieve for homeowners who’ve been to hell and back with foundation problems: an unfolding modular house. Italian architect Renato Vidal partnered with Area Legno to manufacture “M.A.DI,” a tiny home that makes putting down your roots infinitely easier.

For starters, the small, eco-friendly modular homes can be temporarily erected without a foundation, but a screw pile anchoring system can be utilized if needed. In either case, the construction leaves no environmental footprint. The entire setup only requires two to three people and takes between six and seven hours to complete, and it can be move-in ready in just two days.

(Image credit: M.A.DI)

Once a M.A.DI structure reaches the setup site, a crane hoists the home up from its roof, vertically unfolding the frame. Afterwards the interior structures and electrical systems are added to the mix, resulting in a surprisingly sleek, modern pop-up home. If you’re hit with a sudden yearning to pack up shop and change locations on a whim, M.A.DI can totally handle that as well as its folding capabilities make deconstructing and moving the structure extremely easy.

(Image credit: M.A.DI)

In addition to satisfying a sudden case of wanderlust, the flat-pack homes’ ease of mobility makes them suitable as private residences, temporary villages for sporting events or as first aid facilities for disaster relief purposes. Each basic model comes equipped with a bathroom, a kitchen, a single stage staircase, mezzanine living space and central air conditioning and heating—plus they’re all built to withstand earthquakes.

(Image credit: M.A.DI)

Designs are sketched 10 days after the sale date and delivered 60 days after, pending acceptance. Prices for the modular homes start at $33,000. M.A.DI buildings come in three primary designs: a 291-square-foot “Single” module; a 603-square-foot “Young” module; and a 904 square-foot “Triple” module. Owners have the option to select custom materials and dimensions or purchase additional modules for extra space.

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