Peek Inside This 378-Square-Foot Tiny House That Used to Be a Garage

published Aug 17, 2023
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Credit: trekandshoot/

Two kind parents decided to renovate their 378-square-foot garage into a one-bedroom tiny home for their son, and the result doesn’t even resemble a garage. 

On TikTok, the duo behind @herhomereno shared a recap video of the garage’s original state prior to renovation, and the pair is seen planning the interior design, placing peel-and-stick wallpaper on the newly built walls, and building the bathroom. With a full kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning unit, washer/dryer, and quick access to the backyard, this jaw-dropping project video has received  over 580,000 views, but that’s not even their most popular TikTok about the former garage.

Over the span of several videos, the duo documented the process of turning the unfinished garage into a tiny house, including an in-depth tour of the space. According to the couple, they weren’t using the garage and wanted to create something that is functional, and they just happen to have careers in construction. What a lucky son!

After entering the tiny home, the kitchen is immediately to the right, and its amenities include a fridge, dishwasher, stove, sink, and pantry. Can you believe that tiny home has more features than some one-bedroom apartments? 

The father continued the tour by showing the decently sized living room, which happens to have a small closet, chic archway, and a small shelf for books. In the bedroom, he pointed out the translucent window (which is a repurposed antique door) that overlooks the living room, and the room connects to the backyard and bathroom. Surrounded by an emerald tile, the bathroom has a built-in medicine cabinet, walk-in shower, and even a hidden ironing board.

In the comment section of each video, hundreds of people are applauding the parents for this thoughtful renovation project; meanwhile, some are asking if they need another child or have another garage to spare. Although they’re not accepting more children, they shared a heartwarming video of their son Lyman after viewers requested a “son reveal,” and he showed his two favorite features of the tiny home: the backyard and a vintage record player.

This project is estimated to be $68,000 worth of renovation, but the parents assured that they’re happy that the garage is in use — especially for their son. Now it’s time to ask your parents if they have a secret garage that they’re willing to renovate.