This $16 Organizer Will Clear the Chaos in Your Fridge (and Prevent Food from Getting Lost)

published Aug 18, 2023
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Refrigerators, much like the universe, constantly creep toward chaos. Even if you’re organized everywhere else in your home, the inside of your fridge is likely to become disorganized and hard to sort through over time. Foods go past their expiration date, ingredients become lost behind one another, and random stains and smudges can appear through no fault of your own. A messy fridge often seems like fate — but that doesn’t have to be the case!

We love decking out our home ice boxes with refrigerator organizers. They help keep your fridge neat and tidy, and they prevent items from going missing or being forgotten about. By creating more structure in your fridge, these bins and baskets simply don’t leave any room for disorder — and we love them for that! One of our favorite new types of organizers comes from Yamazaki. Available on Amazon and Yamazaki, It’s a budget-friendly find, and it will quickly get your fridge aligned (and keep it that way) without any extra work on your part.

What is the Yamazaki Refrigerator Organizer Bin 

This organizer consists of a simple plastic tray with a handle and a few adjustable dividers, depending on which model you choose. The All-Purpose variety includes two dividers that can be inserted in any of nine slots so you can create smaller or larger subdivisions within the container for holding differently sized items. The Eggs option replaces the dividers with a full set of egg holsters, capable of holding 14 eggs (which comes in handy when you’re ready to refill it but still have one or two eggs leftover from the last box you bought).

Lastly, the Cans option is shaped to hold canned or bottled beverages. You can store about 10 drinks if you sit them upright, or you can fit 5 of the standard 12-ounce cans on their sides if you want to reduce the amount of vertical space they occupy.

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What Amazon Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.2/5

“It’s bigger than I thought, and it looks sturdy. It’s simple and easy to wash.” — 長谷川 眞由美

“Easy to remove and easy to see.” — ちゃんくー

“[The included egg case] holds 14 pieces, so it’s very nice.” — ノージーン

Give your fridge the opportunity to stay neat and organized with one of these sliding storage containers. Choose any one of the three styles depending on which kinds of items you need the most help keeping arranged, or get the whole set to cover all your bases. And, because these tools are built to last, you can take them with you to use in a different fridge if you ever move — meaning you’re protected against refrigerator disorder forever!

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