Trader Joe’s Is Selling a $10 Gem That’ll Look Gorgeous in Your Yard

published Mar 12, 2024
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Credit: Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

If the spring flowers in your yard aren’t coming up fast enough, then you might want to take immediate action and head to your local Trader Joe’s. The grocery store has a ton of colorful spring flowers in stock right now, including moody-colored potted Calla lilies that, when planted, will continue to be your favorite spring flower year after year.

“Love seeing all the colorful plants in stores now, especially the vibrant Calla lilies,” the creator behind the Trader Joe’s Plants Instagram account wrote in a recent caption. “So excited for spring time weather! If you live in zones 8-10, you can plant outdoors and they’ll come back every spring!”

The caption also included an important note that lilies are plants toxic to pets, so make sure they’re kept away from cats and dogs. In fact, they are also poisonous to humans, too, so make sure you wash your hands after handling the stalks or blooms.

The Calla lilies at Trader Joe’s come in white and varying shades of pink and fuchsia that deepen in color at the base of the petals. Each pot retails for just under $10, which is a great investment for such a beautiful plant that could come back year after year if planted outside in the correct zone.

Plant your Calla lily bulbs after the last frost in a spot in your garden that gets bright full sun and partial shade. After they have bloomed for the season, leave them be until fall. You can cut back any foliage and remove the bulb from the ground to store it indoors until next year.

Or, keep your Calla lily in its pot and do the same at the end of the season. But no need to remove the bulb from the pot — keep it where it is and withhold water for about eight weeks while the bulb is dormant.

Pick up a potted Calla lily from Trader Joe’s to really get yourself in the spring spirit!