The “Cutest” $13 Money Trees Are Back at Trader Joe’s

published Feb 12, 2024
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Credit: jejim/Shutterstock

The end of winter is kinda sorta on the horizon, which means consistent gray skies will be a thing of the past. As sunlight finds its way into your home, it’s a good time to add a plant (or three!) to your room. And in case you’re headed to Trader Joe’s this weekend, here’s a product that you’ll want to look out for.

While you’re walking through the flower section, don’t miss the vibrant leaves of the money tree. This isn’t the first time that Trader Joe’s has sold the plants, but the limited-edition item quickly sells out. For $13, the indoor houseplant is a thoughtful gift to yourself or others.

Inside the bright golden-and-white planters, the plant’s braided trunk is one sign that you’re closer to receiving good luck. Pachira aquatica, the scientific name for the money tree, is believed to bring its caretaker prosperity and wealth. Similar to other indoor plants, they’re a good low-maintenance choice for anyone in your life (as long as they don’t overwater it). And placing it into a bright environment with indirect lighting and moderate-to-high humidity will help the plant thrive.

This plant is ideal for seasoned plant parents or beginners. If your local Trader Joe’s doesn’t have any in stock, check out this beautiful money tree on Amazon that has over four stars. According to reviewers, it’s “healthy and beautiful” with a stunning planter.

It’s never too late to bring more prosperity and good luck into your life, especially if you start with one of these gorgeous houseplants.