Trader Joe’s Is Selling a New $13 Plant Find (It’s So Pretty!)

published Jun 2, 2024
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Credit: Kenneth Sponsler/Shutterstock

Ready to add a new member to your growing plant family? Trader Joe’s just added new Ficus elastica (a.k.a. rubber plants) to its flower and plant sections, and a “jumbo” pot will only set you back $13. Their inky leaves will be an instant conversation starter, plus you’ll get to put your green thumb to the test!

The Forest Hills Trader Joe’s account posted that it has rubber plants in stock, but availability may depend on what region of the country you live in. Rubber plants are native to China, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia, which means they love a lot of light and balmy conditions. However, it’s not a picky plant and will tolerate various humidity conditions, temperatures above 65 degrees, and infrequent waterings.

You should place your rubber tree plant in a spot where it gets about six to eight hours of sunlight per day — its leaves will begin to fade if it’s not receiving enough light, so keep an eye on it to monitor its health. And if the leaves start to curl in, you’re likely not watering it enough. Make sure you’re giving your rubber plant a good drenching every one to two weeks when its soil is completely dry.

Rubber trees are able to grow up to 30 feet tall when planted outside, so you can continue to repot these in larger planters throughout the years and let them take off. Indoor plants can also grow up to 10 feet high if given enough space, light, and water.

The rubber plant does release a rubbery sap (which, yes, is used to make rubber!), but know that it’s toxic when ingested, so keep your pets away from this one. Head to Trader Joe’s to pick up one (or three!) of these $13 plants while they’re still available!