This 3D House Tour Just Gets Weirder and Weirder As You Go Through It

published Oct 29, 2020
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Although COVID-19 has created a home-buying boom, there are undoubtedly some challenges to safely navigate the process of welcoming prospective buyers into a home. Thankfully, virtual tours help mitigate some of those concerns and allow interested buyers to scope out a place before making an in-person visit. One Louisville, Kentucky, home listing on Redfin, however, is taking Twitter by storm, and it’s all thanks to the bizarre findings from the home’s 3D virtual tour.

The description of this 3,161-square foot home already presents several questions, and that’s before clicking through a single photo. It reads: “Church, School, Daycare, Home business this home has been it all. This unique home is just what you are looking for. Two kitchens, a private living space and many more surprises. This is a must see. The pictures do not tell the full story.”

With four bathrooms, three bedrooms, and a price tag of $375K, a brief glimpse makes this 1970 brick home look like a steal of a deal. But social media users quickly pointed out some of the home’s many odd features—including baptismal bathtubs, a bathroom with two toilets directly next to each other, and a lot of very bizarre (and downright unnerving) clutter scattered throughout.

TV writer Jenny Jaffe noted that she found the listing in a Facebook group, tweeting at Redfin to ask if it’s “a Halloween prank.” Her tweet spurred fellow users to discover all sorts of interesting features. “Matilda” star Mara Wilson asked, “Why are there two toilets in the same room?” with Jaffe responding, “In case you’re really in love!!!”

Some Twitter users created a game with checklists of how many odd things can be spotted throughout the home. Twitter user Patrick Ashe also shared the link, writing, “My game of the year so far is the 3D walkthrough of this house.” As his tweet picked up steam, he noted that at least some of the answers have been answered in a article called “The House on Blue Lick Road.”

Blogger Andy Baio interviewed the owner of the home, who revealed that it was originally a church and a Christian school, and that it’s actually two separate buildings. The small house was first built in the 1950s, and two larger structures were added in the 1970s, which explains the baptismal pool and seemingly communal bathroom structures. 

As for the clutter, well, it seems the home’s owner was involved in illegal reselling schemes online, though he allegedly told Baio he’s nearing the end of a probationary period in regards to the charges he accrued. All of that aside, the home might make for a great fixer upper for a prospective owner who is looking for plenty of wiggle room—a walk-in tub seems to be an added, er, bonus.