These Ingenious (And Stylish) Finds From Uncommon Goods Will Instantly Declutter Your Space

published Jul 10, 2023
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It’s an unfortunate truth that most organizers are built purely with function in mind, rather than visual appeal. And most of the time, it’s perfectly fine if they aren’t all that much to look at — they’re often going in the closet or under the bed anyway. And while those clear plastic bins and organizers are extremely useful, sometimes you can’t help but want something more. Something that gets the job done, but doesn’t totally throw off the vibes of the room and actually works with the decor instead of against it.

If that sounds like something you’ve been jonesing for, you need to take a look at Uncommon Goods’ storage and organization section, which has a slew of unique-looking items that you’ll actually want everyone to see. From handcrafted statues that function as jewelry holders to unexpectedly shaped toilet paper holders, organizing has never been so fun and stylish. Read on for our 10 favorite items that you’ll be adding to your wish list immediately.

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Uncommon Goods

We’ve all lost the remote in the couch cushions more times than we’d like to admit, but with this nifty pocket, those days will be long behind us. After tucking the flap out of sight beneath the cushion, this super slim pouch can hold all of your things in one place. It’s especially ideal for electronics because it has an opening on the bottom so you can plug your charger in.

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Uncommon Goods

Who knew toilet paper could look so pretty? This adorable wall-mounted shelf allows you to stack your rolls into the shape of a cloud, so you can put the shelf in an easy-to-reach location, while also adding a bit of style and whimsy to your bathroom.

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Uncommon Goods

It’s a super sleek-looking tray and a box! So you can hide all the items that you don’t want to be displayed in the section below, and keep the items you reach for frequently on the top — but you don’t have to worry about them falling off when you want to get into the box portion because the tray swivels in any direction!

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Uncommon Goods

This rocket-shaped pencil organizer speaks to your inner child in the best way possible. Because it’s made of cork, you can tack on notes and reminders, which makes it even more useful.

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Uncommon Goods

You can never have too many blankets, in my opinion, but sometimes it gets to a point where you have no idea where to store them all, especially when it’s warm out and you aren’t reaching for them as often. This floating storage unit keeps them out of the way but also makes them easy to reach for.

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Uncommon Goods

This gorgeous, handmade utensil organizer is designed for smooth transport from kitchen to table (or anywhere else you may need it). The deep blue and artful design makes for a killer centerpiece — it can even turn into a vase.

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Uncommon Goods

These are a step up from your basic basket organizers. The mushroom shape of these fiber baskets is totally on-trend, and they’re the perfect solution for storing your knickknacks, making your room look tidy, and elevating your decor all at the same time.

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Uncommon Goods

Whether you want to hang three things or more than a dozen, this smart coat rack has got you covered. It has 25 beechwood triangles that flip downwards when you want to use them, but also flip back up when you don’t — and either way, it looks amazing on the wall.

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Uncommon Goods

Rings are notoriously difficult to keep track of and organize, but you can keep them all in one place with this stunning bird ring holder that’s handmade by Canadian metalsmiths. It’ll definitely add some interest to your dresser!

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Uncommon Goods

You can finally get your hair tools off the bottom of your cabinet (or often in my case, the floor) with this nature-inspired, wall-mounted organizer. It keeps your cords untangled and holds all of your tools at once, so your dryer, curling iron, and flat iron will always be easy to find.