8 Underrated IKEA Products Apartment Therapy Editors Can’t Live Without

published Aug 6, 2023
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From shopping tips to DIY hacks to new launches, it’s safe to say Apartment Therapy editors are well-versed in all things IKEA. While the Swedish brand has a reputation for consistently staying on top of (and often setting) modern home trends, I wanted to get the inside scoop on some of their lesser-known gems. I couldn’t imagine anyone better to poll than my own team, who shared eight of their favorite underrated, editor-approved IKEA products that should be on every shopper’s radar (think: under-the-radar storage, faux plants, vases, and more, all starting at just $2.99).

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“What can make IKEA sofas look inexpensive, in my opinion, are the standard legs. I have a SODERHAMN (which I tie-dyed), but those standard chrome legs were not it. I upgraded to the natural wood STOCKSUND (sadly out of stock, but here's a similarly curved leg in white), and it elevated the whole look.” —Tara Bellucci, News and Culture Director

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“I love to pick up vases at IKEA because they look shockingly good for the cost. I use them at home to show off fresh flowers from my garden when I have them, but I could see them making an amazing gift, too. Pick up a $3 vase, grab a $10 bouquet from Trader Joe's, then pop in a card, and suddenly you have the perfect little gift for birthdays, congratulations, hosts, etc.” —Megan Baker Detloff, Home Projects Director

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“The FISKBO picture frames are simple and sleek and come in fun blue, pink, and white colors. But the part that I'm obsessed with is the screen insert — it's made from plastic, not glass, which means you can use the frames to decorate kids' rooms without worrying about glass shards. (Heads-up that they do still have those sharp metal fasteners on the back, though.)” —Alison Goldman, Special Projects Director

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“I bought rattan storage similar to the TOLKNING basket years ago, and it’s hands-down my favorite you’d-never-guess-these-came-from-IKEA find. For one, they actually look pretty peeking out from under my bed. Plus, they hold a genuinely surprising amount of extra clothes and bedding. Built-in handles make them super-easy to grab and access, too. I’d be heartbroken if they ever discontinued this design. I love it that much.” —Blair Donovan, Style Editor

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“We have an enclosed front porch that doubles as a mudroom and was begging for some plant life but gets blasted by the sun most of the day. As a compromise, we found these faux indoor/outdoor potted FEJKA sago plants at IKEA and placed them in fancy planters we found on Etsy. They’re the first thing our guests notice when they arrive. They look real, hold up beautifully in the sun, and can be styled many different ways. They're also not poisonous to dogs (like the real ones are), and we have two dogs running around at home so these are a much safer alternative. I highly recommend them!” —Charli Penn, Executive Lifestyle Director

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“I have so many of these BRUNBÄR planters and saucers because they're great for small to midsize plants and serve as perfect potters for garden herbs, too. They look sleek in any space, whether you're using them indoors or outside (I've kept them in both places), and they hold up perfectly regardless of the season. I also love that the saucers don't feel too oversized for the potters, and I really like how they fit together for a sleek and compact look.” —Kylie McConville, Apartment Therapy Editor in Chief

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“I grew up with a clothes line and truly still love hang-drying garments and delicate items — it's easier on the planet and my wallet. I didn't want to commit to putting up a line in my backyard yet, though, so I've been using the PRESSA hanger instead. Shaped like an octopus with built-in clothespins, the PRESSA’s cute, cheap, and packs a deceivingly large amount of drying space for its small size. Best $7 I've ever spent for the laundry room!” —Danielle Blundell, Executive Home Director

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“My FIXA tool kit was a high-school graduation gift from a neighbor whose name I don’t even remember anymore, but even as I’ve amassed a larger collection of tools, it’s remained a go-to. The small box neatly packages everything up so that it takes up about as much room as a hard-cover book, meaning it wasn’t ever difficult to find a home for it (even in small shared dorm rooms). And the curated collection includes the essentials you’d need to tackle most basic at-home DIYs: a hammer for hanging picture hooks, a pair of pliers for pulling out or re-bending old furniture staples, a screwdriver with interchangeable heads to secure shaky hardware, and a wrench so that you could tell people you had a wrench (this is the one item I never really found a use for).” —Megan Baker Detloff, Home Projects Director