The $20 Urban Outfitters Find That Transforms A Boring Wall Shelf Into A Work of Art

published May 16, 2023
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Though it’s closer to summer than spring these days, it’s still a good time to shake up your home decor while the weather is still shifting from day to day. Even more lately, because the heavy lifting of packing up thick sweaters and bedding is (hopefully) out of the way until the next cold snap that’s way, way over the horizon. Refreshing my home decor for warmer weather is one of my favorite tasks of the year. It’s a chance to lighten up color palettes and introduce dreamy patterns into your space that would almost seem out of place otherwise. One of the first places I look for unconventional decor pieces is Urban Outfitters. They’re constantly updating their line-up with trendy kitchenware, colorful storage, and some of the most imaginative candles on the market. In my search for new decor ideas, I came across the Kaori Upholstered Shelf Bracket Set and was immediately inspired by the artistic uplift to what’s typically seen as a basic piece of organization equipment.

If you’re looking to upgrade your decor without adding more items to your space, the Kaori Shelf Bracket Set is one low-key and easy way to do it. Exclusive to Urban Outfitters, these upholstered shelf supports come as a pack of two that’s just $20, which is on par (or cheaper!) with other UO multipurpose decor. The 8” x 8” brackets have an arched silhouette and are wrapped in a boho chic floral fabric with scattered flowers and petals that are subtle enough to blend in or whimsical enough to stand out — all depending on the look you’re going for. Though the bracket bundle doesn’t come with a floating shelf, you can pick one up affordably and easily DIY one or pick one up from retailers like Home Depot. A 10-inch shelf might be easier to find without having to make it yourself, however, a nine-inch shelf will be your best bet for these stylishly modern brackets.

The Kaori Upholstered Shelf Bracket Set will instantly add personality to your home while still giving you space to truly make it your own. For instance, instead of going with a standard wood shelf, try an acrylic one or one in a bold color to contrast the neutrals of the brackets’ fabric. What I love about them is that you can dress them down or dress them up to your heart’s content. The one downside is that the brackets aren’t renter- or dorm-friendly, because they must be drilled into wall studs for the most stability. That being said, you can always pick them up to save for later when vertical space in your home is 100 percent in your hands. Affordable and fashionable styles like this don’t stick around on Urban Outfitters for long — trust me, I learned the hard way — so try to get your hands on it while it’s still new to their collection of home goods. You can even take it one step further by complementing them with some other editor-favorite finds from Urban Outfitters including their chiffon curtains, mini collapsible crates, and eye-catching spring decor. You’re welcome!