These Might Be the Lowest Prices We’ve Ever Seen on Urban Outfitters’ Small-Space Furniture and Decor — Here’s What to Snag Before They Sell Out

published Sep 21, 2023
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Plant filled sitting room with open shelves and bench  on dark painted wall with red velvet sofa and wood edge coffee table in center of the room.

It’s typical for a seasonal shift to bring about a desire for transformation. If you’re looking to switch up your lifestyle, the home is a great place to start. After all, nothing has quite the same impact on your mood and day-to-day routine as your interior surroundings. This can be quite an expensive transformation, which is why it’s imperative that you do your research and find good deals before actually ordering your next big-ticket purchase. Luckily, you can always count on Urban Outfitters’ sale section to have hefty discounts on all kinds of stylish, trendy pieces. This still holds true if you’re looking for small-space-friendly items, whether that’s a convertible sofa, a fridge storage rack, or a floor lamp that you can place in a tight corner. There are tons of picks to choose from, so we rounded up 12 of our favorites to help you get started. Check them out below, and have fun picking out your next side table or dining chair.

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Urban Outfitters
was $399.00

The Elena coffee table perfectly marries style and function with a roomy undershelf and a sleek glass top with curved edges. In other words, you won't be running into any sharp corners, but you will still get that contemporary vibe you're going for. And because the table has an open silhouette, you can keep all your favorite home decor pieces on display.

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Urban Outfitters
was $799.00

We love quality furniture that can easily be converted based on your needs. This sofa is made of rich faux leather and can easily fold down into a bed for the evening. This is perfect if you have a smaller space or need to host for a few nights. Add a few pillows to tie the overall look of the room together. To clean it, all you need to do is give it a quick wipe-down, and you’re set.

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Urban Outfitters
was $499.00

It might not be an example of convertible furniture, but the Tabitha shelf still does double duty as both a side table and shelving system. Sure, it's a bit tall to be a proper side table, but you could still place it next to the couch and store your phone, TV remote, snacks, and more atop its expansive shelves. What's more, this piece is available in either a white or tan wooden finish.

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Urban Outfitters
was $349.00

Achieve a dose of boho appeal by introducing the Carole chair into your space. It would look just as stylish in the living room with its black metal frame, rattan back, and geometric lines, as it would in the bedroom as a storage spot for daily outfits. Plus, each chair is made to order, so it's technically custom.

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Urban Outfitters
was $349.00

A fun departure from the basic floor-to-ceiling mirror, this curvy wall adornment acts as both a crucial fit-check spot and a statement piece. You can mount it to the wall, but if you rent, you can also just prop it up as is to avoid permanent damage. The mirror is also frameless, so although it's a funky shape, it's not doing too much.

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Urban Outfitters
was $89.00

A fridge rack is the perfect solution to a lack of cabinet or counter space, as it essentially creates room for pantry staples out of thin air. And if you opt for one like the Cora rack, it'll also elevate the look of your kitchen with its sophisticated silver frame. The rack gives you two shelves on which to store spices, condiments, and other jarred goods, as well as seven hooks for towels and oven mitts.

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Urban Outfitters
was $99.00

What's cool about the Felix table is you can place it in almost any room, and it won't look out of place. Use it as a nightstand in the bedroom or as a convenient storage spot in your living room or home office. Available in white or sky blue, the table is minimalist in design but still sports a substantial drawer for personal items.

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Urban Outfitters
was $1699.00

The Yoji sofa is a feast for the eyes. Available in cream upholstery, this bench seat pick features a modern look thanks to its curving lines, which are featured on the sofa, itself, and the wooden block base. Padded with a single, long seat cushion that’s equal parts chic and comfy, the sofa is sure to garner a barrage of "oohs" and "ahhs."

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Urban Outfitters
was $199.00

If you're going to buy a floor lamp, why not choose one that's also an art piece in itself? The Kima lamp is a solid example of this. It features a white iron tri-legged base, which is nicely juxtaposed with a geometric rope shade. The shade helps add a touch of texture that might otherwise be missing. And anytime you can opt for warm light from a corner lamp instead of an overhead light, we say go for it.

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Urban Outfitters
was $299.00

You can still have a cool bar cart even if you don't have a ton of floor space to spare. Simply go for something like this round cart, which boasts charming squiggle accents along the edge of its top tier. Stock it with your favorite spirits and glassware.

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Urban Outfitters
was $109.00

If you're looking for easy, affordable, and modern-looking dining chairs, look no further than the Sanna chair. Each one is on sale for just $40. Also, the chairs are available in a bright green that'll add a pop of color to any breakfast corner. Whether your dining table seats two or six, we suggest stocking up on these for less while you still can.

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Urban Outfitters
was $139.00

This storage shelf looks much more expensive than it is, even at full price. It has a Scandi-chic vibe with its clean lines and light colors, but this piece isn't just beautiful. The Christie shelf clearly offers plenty of space for things like office supplies, plants, your smart home assistant, and tons more. Customers also love how easy it is to personalize.