Urban Outfitters Has the Cutest Tomato Lamp Right Now

published Aug 25, 2023
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Credit: Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock

If your home happens to be filled with food-shaped furniture like HomeGoods’ doughnut stool or strawberry stool, then you’ll enjoy the kitschy lamp that just arrived at Urban Outfitters.

Although this season is coming to an end soon, a tomato-shaped lamp has arrived in time to wrap up tomato girl summer, the whimsical style trend that you may have missed. According to Teen Vogue, the publication accurately summed up the aesthetic as a color palette and light makeup routine that is “largely inspired by the Mediterranean coast or anywhere where tomato-based dishes are popular.” However, this trend — similar to cottagecore — can be reflected in interior design choices with faux food decor and furniture.

For $99, the plug-in table lamp will convince you that tomatoes are ideal for any meal. This lamp doesn’t just appear to be red and juicy, and the warm, red glow that it emits will reflect that. After purchasing this pomodoro tomato, you’ll need to buy one E12 bulb to power it.

At 8” diameter and 8” tall, this lamp is small enough for a bookshelf, or it could be placed near a stack of cookbooks in your kitchen. It could pair well with Urban Outfitters’ popular corn-on-the-cob stool or any of HomeGoods’ fruit-shaped stools.

Since the product is fairly new, you can check your local Urban Outfitters to see if it’s in stock, but it’s available for pre-order on UO Home’s website. Time to embrace tomato girl summer in your own unique way!