15 Stunning Walk-in Shower Ideas for Any Bathroom — Big or Small

published Oct 19, 2023
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Philadelphia residence with white walls, lots of wood details: bathroom with oval freestanding tub, brown and white checkered bath mat, glass shower with white tiles, rose gold hardware, plants. Window over tub and in shower

Walk-in showers are all the rage lately. They add a touch of luxury and spa-like elegance that simply can’t be achieved with just a shower/bathtub combo. They’re often considered modern in design, but there are plenty of creative ways to add a walk-in shower to any style of home. From modern to eclectic, luxurious to minimal, and oversized to small, here are 15 stunning walk-in shower ideas to inspire any space.

Credit: Shutter Avenue Photography

1. Seamless floor tile transition

Built-in showers usually feature different floor tiles compared to the rest of the bathroom, but why not use the same design for both? Especially if this bathroom by Ashley DeLapp Interior Design is the outcome. Keeping the tiling consistent helps to make the space feel bigger and creates a natural transition between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.

Credit: Emily Followill

2. Stylish half-wall design

A half-wall is a smart way to make your walk-in shower feel a little more private and secluded. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to incorporate bold tile or wallpaper that adds a little extra personality to your space, as seen in this bathroom design by Liz Williams Interiors.

Credit: Liz Daly Photography

3. Walk-in shower/bathtub combo

Technically called a wet room, extending your walk-in shower to include a bathtub not only looks totally luxurious, but you’ll also never have to deal with wet footprints across your entire bathroom again. Instead, if you have the space for this type of layout, anything bathing-related will stay conveniently contained in one waterproof area, like this setup by Miss Alice Designs.

Credit: Design: Hearth Homes Interiors, Photography: Erin Feinblatt

4. Accent wall focal point

Accent walls aren’t just for bedrooms or living rooms — they can work in walk-in showers, too, as evidenced by this bathroom from Hearth Homes Interiors. Try a fun, patterned tile or a bold, contrasting color on one side of your shower to give the area added pizzazz.

Credit: Erin Feinblatt Photography

5. Arched walk-in shower

Arches have been having a moment in interior design — especially because they can help make a room feel taller, as they draw the eye upwards. This arched walk-in shower, also designed by Hearth Homes Interiors, creates a cozy and inviting space, plus adds a unique architectural element to this light and bright bathroom.

Credit: Madeline Tolle

6. Natural stone slab walls

For an effortlessly luxurious, high-design look, try slab shower walls instead of tile. The end result gives off spa-like vibes, plus the smooth surface is easier to clean than tile and grout. Win-win! Up the functionality by adding in a built-in bench, as seen in this walk-in shower by Design Hutch.

Credit: David Telford

7. Small and stylish

If you’ve written off a walk-in shower because your bathroom skews small, let this compact layout serve as proof that you can make a walk-in shower work in nearly any space. In fact, it might even help you save room in the long run over a traditional shower/tub combo.

8. Bold patterned tile

Plain white tile? Never heard of her! This high-contrast wet room from a four-bedroom Saint Louis house features an intricate patterned wall tile, set against a sleek black floor. Brushed gold hardware finishes off this eclectic yet undeniably elegant look.

9. A colorful oasis 

Create the bold, maximalist walk-in shower of your dreams with colorful tiling, like this teal design from a colorful London house. The high-gloss finish reflects light, making the room feel bigger, while the fun herringbone styling adds the finishing touch.

10. Stylish and functional

This luxurious walk-in shower from a modern Detroit, Michigan, home is cleverly designed to maximize functionality and aesthetics. A built-in natural stone shower bench doubles as a glamorous half wall, which also helps break up this large bathroom floor plan. A rain shower head completes this stunning, spa-like space.

11. Light and bright walk-in shower

Having a window in your walk-in shower might not seem ideal for privacy purposes, but if you’re renting or renovating on a budget, don’t be afraid to embrace it in your bathroom design, just like Urban Outfitters’ design director Heather Davis did here. It’ll help draw in more natural light, and it’s amazing for houseplants. Just make sure you position your shower head so that you’re not standing directly in front of the window, and don’t forget about tinted window film.

12. Shower curtain styling

Shower curtains have practically become a walk-in shower faux pas, but this stylish mid-century modern design makes a strong case for adding one. Not only are they easier to clean and maintain than the ever-popular clear glass walls (so long, squeegee!), but you can also play around with fun patterns and colors, or even incorporate small decorative details like bows.

13. Contemporary doorless walk-in shower

For a super-modern look, try opting for a doorless design, as seen in creative director Emily Wassall’s Los Angeles house. A single large glass pane cuts across half of the width of the shower, which still keeps water contained and lends a minimalist, elevated style.

14. Curbless walk-in shower

Whether it’s a design preference or you’re dealing with limited space, don’t be afraid to have your walk-in shower flush with the rest of your bathroom and the traditional “curb,” like this Charleston home. Just be sure that the shower floor angles slightly toward the drain to avoid water pooling in all areas of the room.

Credit: Minette Hand

15. Indoor jungle vibes

Do you want to add an earthy touch to your bathroom, without making any major foundational changes? Try moving some of your favorite humidity-loving houseplants to your walk-in shower. Yep, that’s right — bring them right into the shower with you, planters and all. Not only will your space look more natural and homey, but your plants will also benefit from the extra warmth and moisture. The plant stand in this bathroom even doubles as excellent storage for soaps, shampoo, and other toiletries.