25 Wall Christmas Trees That Save Space and Maximize Holiday Cheer

updated Dec 20, 2023
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There’s a truly magical feeling that comes with setting up your Christmas tree and decking it to the nines. But what if you don’t have enough space for a traditional fir, have a frisky feline that can’t be trusted not to climb it, or a playful toddler who might accidentally pull the whole thing down? 

Fortunately, you don’t have to forgo a traditional tree. Instead, consider getting creative with an alternative such as a wall Christmas tree. These clever pieces of decor resemble Christmas trees and hang on the wall, saving space and preventing accidents. Whether you opt for a store-bought wall tree or a DIY version  that’s perfectly tailored to your space, there are plenty of options from rustic farmhouse-inspired to modern and colorful. We’ve gathered 25 of our favorite finds to fit your style and budget.

1. Pared-Down Fresh Greens Tree

Not only is minimalism a design style, but it is also a way to describe the genre of low-stress DIY projects. If you want a quick do-it-yourself wall tree that you can put up in a few hours, this makeshift wall tree by Molly of Almost Makes Perfect will have you feeling festive in a snap. Fresh greens — evergreen or rosemary — are attached to wooden dowels and hung on the wall in a simple triangle that doesn’t need any extras. Of course, you can add ornaments or lights if you’d like, but leaving it plain is just as lovely.

2. Vintage Ornament Wall Tree

Whether you have heirloom ornaments or need an excuse to scour antique stores for fresh finds, display them perfectly by making a wall hanging. Michael of Inspired by Charm used his existing collection and shopped for ornaments to complete the look. The way to truly make this tree work is to abandon the thought of uniformity and use bulbs of varying sizes, shapes, and colors to form a tree shape. And don’t worry about gluing the ornaments: They are pinned in place to ensure you can use them in other ways in the future.

3. Acts of Kindness Tree

‘Tis the season of helping others, and this tree by Emily of Fox Farm Home can ensure that you and your loved ones focus on kindness this Christmas season. Either print out the already mocked-up prompts or use this idea and create a personalized list of ways to bless neighbors, friends, and your community. The tree itself is adhered to the wall using tape, or you can use temporary hooks to keep the display of 24 ideas front and center. It’s the perfect project for you to do solo throughout December, or ask your kids or roommates to join in the fun.

4. Framed Art Wall Tree

Even if you aren’t as artistic as Claire from Pillar Box Blue, you can still make this artsy Christmas wall tree. Just paint inexpensive dollar store frames and make your own art to put inside. You can either create a wall tree on your own or gather friends, family, or neighbors to each make an art piece and hang the individual works in the shape of an evergreen tree. Just note that the frames are both horizontal and vertical to mimic a proper Christmas tree shape.

Credit: DIY Candy

5. Christmas Card Tree

Lost for a creative way to display the influx of holiday cards? Make a wall Christmas tree — it’s what Amy of DIY Candy chose to do, and the results are gorgeous. Choose your favorite holiday-themed washi tape to outline a triangular tree, and let cards from your friends and family do the rest. Select your favorite ones and let them take center stage on a flat tree that will remind you of your loved ones every time you walk by. Bonus: the DIY pompom topper is an added touch of happiness.

6. DIY Garland Tree

This gorgeous DIY wall tree is simple yet effective. In fact, you may never opt for the real thing again. Kate from Centsational Style created a basic lattice frame and attached pine garland and leaf sprays to create a beautiful base that can be reused year after year. You can also add string lights for an extra-festive touch. 

Credit: Fathead

7. Life Size Christmas Tree Decal

This giant wall decal allows for the household to decorate a Christmas tree with sticker ornaments without the mess, hassle, or hazards. Plus, it’s re-positionable if you’ve found a better spot for the “tree” after application. 

Buy: Christmas Tree – Removable Decal, $99.99 at Fathead

8. DIY Popsicle Stick Trees

We’ve found the perfect Christmas craft for the whole family: One Little Project’s popsicle stick trees. These would look adorable hung as wall trees in kids’ rooms or a playroom and allows your little ones to show off their creative sides. 

9. DIY Copper Pipe Tree

Copper pipe has never looked so chic, thanks to A Joyful Riot’s clever wall-mounted Christmas tree. It’s a great idea for renters or those who are short on space, plus, it’s a pretty way to display your most precious ornaments.

10. DIY Wood Pallet Tree

This budget-friendly DIY looks stylish and is made from thrift store finds. Julie from Redhead Can Decorate says that while this wall tree looks impressive, it takes minimal effort and can be easily customized to fit your personal holiday decor aesthetic. 

Credit: Studio DIY

11. DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree

For a more whimsical and colorful option, take inspiration from Studio DIY and turn to everyday party decor. It’s simple to fasten halfway-unfolded honeycomb balls to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.

12. DIY Ornament Display Tree

We love this clever ornament display tree idea from Remodelaholic because of its versatility. While you can certainly hang your project on the wall, it can also fit on a mantel, countertop, or just about anywhere else in your home that will be out of reach from tiny hands and paws. 

Credit: Homey Oh My

13. DIY Simple Washi Tape Christmas Tree

You can’t get much simpler than a tree outline fashioned out of washi tape, but this cool graphic tree from Homey Oh My looks great life-sized next to the fireplace or pint-sized over your bar cart or desk and still feels plenty festive.

Credit: VCoscaron/Shutterstock

14. DIY Rustic Birch Branch Tree

If you forage for small branches in your own backyard, this project will cost you next to nothing. Simply gather birch in varying sizes (or cut pieces down to your needs) and string them together with white twine. Add ornaments or lights for color, or keep it plain for minimalist vibes.

Credit: Overstock

15. Corner Tree from Overstock

If you just can’t resist the allure of a real tree, opt for something that looks just like the real thing but takes up a little less space. This cleverly designed half-tree — er, quarter-tree — fits snugly against the corner of your wall to leave as much floor space as possible.

Buy: Gerson 7′ Tiffany Prelit Pine Wall Tree, $243.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

16. DIY Multifunctional Wooden Tree

This geometric bulletin board from Paper & Stitch is perfect for displaying holiday cards and other seasonal prints. The detachable trunk makes it extra practical since the whole thing can remain functional way beyond the holiday season.

Credit: Lily Ardor

17. DIY Evergreen Branch Flat Christmas Tree

Just because you’re limited on space doesn’t mean you can’t have a real Christmas tree. To make your house look and smell just as festive, follow this tutorial from Lily Ardor to assemble a slim wall tree made from real evergreen branches. Bonus: You’ll likely be able to pick up these scrap branches for free from Christmas tree vendors, who usually have to trim at least a few branches off every tree they sell.

18. DIY Pegboard Christmas Tree

When it comes to alternative trees, a colored pegboard, like this one from Sugar & Cloth, is a great option. You can easily hang ornaments from it, you won’t have to deal with shedding cleanup or faux tree fluffing, and it fits on just about any empty wall. What more could you ask for?

Credit: Grandin Road

19. Christmas Wall Tree from Grandin Road

While this “tree” is made entirely out of individual faux evergreen and eucalyptus branches suspended on the wall, it functions much like the way a traditional fir since you can hang ornaments from each branch. You’re also afforded the flexibility of using the whole tree kit for a big display or just the top few branches if you’re short on space.

Buy: Wall Hanging Christmas Tree, $69.98 at Grandin Road

20. DIY Washi Tape Christmas Tree and Card Display

Here’s another way to use washi tape to create festive decor. Use the tape to draw out the shape of an evergreen on the wall, but then tape up photos and cards from loved ones, along with any other sentimental ornaments.

Credit: Studio DIY

21. DIY Felt Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

This wall tapestry from Studio DIY takes a little more effort (and some sewing know-how), but the payoff is worth the time spent. It’s a piece of Christmas decor that’s destined to be a family favorite year after year and in the off-season, you can roll it up so it uses barely any space.

22. DIY Cork Board Christmas Tree Card Holder

This cleverly cut cork board from A Beautiful Mess provides a functional storage spot in your home that doubles as Christmas decor. Add festive flair with a bit of cording and pom-poms, then use it as a space to tack the mountain of holiday greetings that come your way.

23. DIY Garland-and-Photo Wall Christmas Tree

Display your favorite photos of the year or of your loved ones as your wall Christmas tree. The Crafted Life shows how to create this sleek and modern display that has a little touch of glitz for a festive pop.

24. DIY Decal Christmas Tree Made with Shelf Liner

This decal Christmas tree from the Tarnished Jewel Blog is made with shelf paper. Cut it into a simple tree shape for big-impact decor that takes up virtually no space.

25. DIY Painted Geometric Wall Christmas Tree

Because this vivid wall tree from Lovely Indeed is painted onto plywood, it’s easy to stash from year to year. It’s easy to customize, too: Go for any shade and pattern that appeals to you. And, if you want to get super creative, you can always attach Velcro to “hang” ornaments.