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10 Free or Easy Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Summer

published Jun 19, 2020
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This weekend, it’s time to usher in the new season of summer—and what a beginning it is. No matter what canceled plans you’re mourning or modified plans you’re looking forward to, you can appreciate, more than ever, how much it means to greet each new beginning with a thankful heart and to savor your days.

As you turn the corner between a spring that feels like it never happened (yet changed the world forever), the new season offers a welcome fresh start. You can mark this new beginning with a project that helps you celebrate the transition.

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This Weekend: Celebrate the first day of summer.

There’s no wrong way to celebrate the first day of summer. You might mark the change in season with a decluttering or organizing project that sets you up to enjoy summer to the fullest. Or, your inaugural summer activity might look less like work and more like a party.

Either way, here is a list of possible activities—some are free, some are simple, some are both—to help you celebrate summer on its first day:

  1. Go through your sunscreen. Toss expired tubes and sprays and take note of what you need to replenish. It might seem boring now, but you’ll be glad to know you’re covered.
  2. Bring out the pool floats. Blow them up so when you’re able to hit the pool, all you need to do is sling the giant flamingo float over your towel-draped arm.
  3. Enjoy your first watermelon. Here’s a clever way to cut one.
  4. Make a large pitcher of iced tea concentrate for afternoon refreshers throughout the week.
  5. Go through your collection of swim and beachwear. This includes swimsuits, cover ups, sun hats, beach bags, flip flops, goggles, and towels. Do it for yourself, and then help family members do the same.
  6. Refresh your luggage. Whether you’re able to use it or not this season, haul your suitcases out of storage, vacuum them inside and out, wash any spots or stains, then set them out in the sun to air out for a natural refresh.
  7. Shop for one new item that will help you savor summer at home. Summer should feel different than the regular year. If you’re saving money by not doing your usual summer activities, you may want to channel some of it into something for your home. For instance, you may want to get a fire pit for s’mores nights, a swing for the yard, or an inflatable pool.
  8. Buy a plant. Lush foliage and eye-popping blooms such can transform your balcony into a tropical oasis. Pick something up from your local nursery or order something to be shipped to your home.
  9. Go berry picking. This is just one outdoor activity you can do while safely social distancing. Before you do, pick out some recipes you’ll make with your fresh, plump, sun-warmed harvest.
  10. Make a summer reading list for yourself. Pick titles, order them (look for independent bookstores!) and then consider making a loose pages-per-day plan for getting through them.

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