15 Gorgeous Colors That Go With Burgundy

updated Jan 24, 2024
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A dusty burgundy living room opening up into a dining room with French doors
Credit: Erin Derby

A glass of cabernet, a bowl of ripe cranberries, a striking dahlia — burgundy, as described by designer Ann Edgerton, is essentially a super-charged reddish-purple neutral that adds “depth and earthiness to a space.” Designer Katie Newcomb from Kith and Kin Interior Designs says this dark, mysterious, and sometimes controversial color is “rich, warm, and refined.”

Although close in tone and shade, burgundy is not red or brown or purple; it sits somewhere in between all of those hues, and the primary difference is its depth. Designer Emilia Callero puts it this way: “It’s more sophisticated than its outgoing and party-going cousin, red, and it has a bit more personality than its step-sister, violet.” 

After a deep dive into the color burgundy, I’ve found that it’s no one-note hue: There are various shades and tones within the burgundy family, each with its own vibe. Although strong enough to stand alone, this dark color shines when paired expertly with other colors and styled with care — and colors that go with burgundy abound. 

Tips for Styling Burgundy

  • Use burgundy to tell a “bold and moody story,” says Callero. When the weather turns cold, Callero invites burgundy into her home through throw blankets and pillows to help her sink into the season. 
  • Burgundy is a hue pulled straight from nature, and as such, it evokes a sense of earthy rootedness. Edgerton suggests using burgundy in rooms where you want to stay and relax a while. She also encourages the use of burgundy in lieu of gray or black to provide depth or contrast. 
  • Paired with wallpaper, burgundy on the walls can add a traditional touch to a space, while burgundy accents — sofa, art, foliage — work well in a modern home, says Newcomb.

If you’re looking for even more colors that go with burgundy, you’ve come to the right place. These 15 rooms use this versatile hue in a variety of ways — for starters, as a grounding force, a splash of color, a moody touch, and beyond. Whatever your personal style, there’s a way to use burgundy in your home here. 

1. Burgundy & Royal Blue: Moody Charm

Bold is the best term to describe the unique kitchen in this Australia rental. The deep burgundy cabinets and royal blue countertops work together to create a moody vibe, giving the space character. Meanwhile, neutral-colored accents ground the space. If you’re looking to dive into the dark academia trend, this color pairing is for you.

Credit: Lou Crane

2. Burgundy & Blush: Dreamy Duo

Combining two hues in the same color family minimizes contrast and makes your space feel calming and less stimulating. Burgundy and blush look so dreamy when paired together, as seen in this living room makeover.

Credit: Megan Hamann

3. Burgundy & Moss Green: Natural Beauty

Green is one of the best colors to paint your bedroom. It’s natural, earthy tones are soothing and promote sleep and relaxation. The mossy green walls in this luxurious bedroom are complemented by a contrasting (but still subtle) dusty burgundy quilt.

Credit: Layne Dixon

4. Burgundy & Gold: Artful Elegance

This condo features an artistic vignette in every corner, and the living room is no exception. The burgundy accent chair gleams against a black half wall and dark wood flooring, highlighting the upholstery’s rich texture. The gold fireplace cover and curtains add shine, creating a real color moment. Inspired by the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, it’s no wonder this place screams sophistication.

5. Burgundy & Green: Eclectic Vibrance

Rory Rockmore’s ‘90s-inspired downtown LA loft is awash with brilliant colors, pop art, and no shortage of animal prints. With its pink and orange features, the bedroom’s burgundy rug feels modern against the deep green walls (four coats of Sherman Williams’ “Deep Viridian,” to be exact). If you ever thought burgundy was boring, think again. And pairing it with green doesn’t read as Christmassy, either.

6. Burgundy & Pink: Warm and Cozy

To put it simply, Jo McCauly of @ouremporium loves color. A tour of the Northern Ireland home she shares with her husband reveals expert use of a rainbow of shades. Her tip for successful color moments? “Consider combining colors to really make them sing,” she says. “I often find that you can really make a color pop if you pair it with a contrasting tone!”

The burgundy sofa against a pink wall is one example of an unexpected color combo in her home that just works. Try pairing burgundy with something else warm in the same color family for an almost monochromatic look.

Credit: Jason Rampe

7. Burgundy & Orange: Bold and Bright

Set designer Tay’s New York City Apartment uses the biggest, boldest colors in the crayon box. The burgundy wall sets the scene for the orange sofa, while pink, black, purple, and green accents provide cheerful pizzazz. If you’re looking to invite more whimsy into your life, go bold with burgundy.

8. Burgundy & Black: Traditional with a Twist

Sarah Hartley’s maximalist Brooklyn rental is inspired by classic films and history. “Design trends are all very cyclical, and by looking back we can actually rediscover forgotten, timeless style choices to put our own twist on,” she shares. The burgundy walls in this corner allow the traditional black and gold frames to shine. The wood dresser feels both elevated and timeless and plays nicely with the red and purple undertones in the burgundy walls.

Credit: Erin Derby

9. Burgundy & Sapphire Blue: Sweet Sophistication

Benjamin Moore’s Burgundy Rose, the paint color in Keighty Alexander’s unique Brooklyn home, is romantic and subtle. A punchy blue sofa and gold accents make this room feel vibrant and alive. Don’t be afraid to team up certain shades of burgundy with darker blue; these shades will all sparkle together when used in just the right doses.

10. Burgundy & Sage: Earthy Mix

The Harlem brownstone of Victoria Ellis is a leafy haven with burgundy floors. With this unexpected pop of color underfoot, the sage green chair and camel leather sofa look extra earthy and neutral. Plenty of yellows, pinks, and plants add warmth, while white walls balance out the darker floors. 

Credit: Kirsten Buck

11. Burgundy & Gray: Grounded and Neutral

Kristen Buck’s Winnipeg rental is an excellent example of using burgundy while keeping things classic. The cool tones of the gray couch mute the burgundy rug’s vibrancy. The effect is a sophisticated, pared-back room with timeless appeal. 

12. Burgundy & Burgundy: Monochromatic Moment

Linda van Hout’s Dutch home strikes a balance between restrained and bold. Painting both the IKEA cabinets and walls classic burgundy made the perfect backdrop for a collected, colorful tableau. If you’re at a loss as to what burgundy works well with, this setup is proof you can pair it with itself!

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

13. Burgundy & White: A Fresh Start

Dana Haddad’s colorful, globally eclectic Toronto apartment is a relaxed, bohemian, and mid-century space. The burgundy accent wall brings out the warmth of the wood headboard and offsets the cool, crisp white linens.

14. Burgundy & Emerald Green & Hot Pink: Maximalist Mix 

Self-proclaimed “maximalist to the core” photographer Abbie Davis lets colors do the talking in her Australian home. The burgundy couch is a velvet, vintage find. Pinks, greens, and blues add to the vibrant theme.

15. Burgundy & Yellow: Poppy and Punchy

Inspired by pop art, the fireplace in James Conley and Kurt Heinrich’s colorful Chicago home is both grounding and fun. The bright yellow hiding in the built-in archway adds a poppy contrast.