My Tried-and-True Trick to Make “Comfy Season” Out of Gross Weather Days

published Apr 3, 2024
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Couple relaxing on the sofa eating popcorn
Credit: Photo: Christopher Testani; Prop Styling: Carla Gonzalez Hart; Nails: Mamie Onishi; Blanket: Courtesy of Happy Habitat

As the last remnants of winter reluctantly give way to the promise of spring, many people find themselves in a kind of limbo. You know the vibes: April showers bring May flowers (and lots of gorgeous Trader Joe’s bouquets). But nestled in the moment before the flowers bloom lies a period often overlooked — a time when the weather is unpredictable (but usually rainy) and the desire for comfort reigns supreme. As a proud Taurus, I’ve come to relish this time of year, which I affectionately term “comfy season.”

So, what exactly is “comfy season,” and how does it differ from cozy season? While winter months call for piling up the blankets and sitting in front of a crackling fire or space heater, early spring is less about staying warm in the frigid weather and more about prioritizing comfort. It’s a time for embracing all things snug and soothing, and basking in the simple joys of home, while still acknowledging the changing world outdoors and how that can affect your mood.

Before sunnier days arrive, here are some of my tried-and-true tips for turning the alleged grossest month of the year into a period of unparalleled coziness and contentment.

Up the hygge factor in your home.

Transform your living space into a hygge sanctuary of comfort and tranquility. Set out soft blankets, plush pillows, and flickering candles, which can work wonders for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Pick up some favorite foods.

Take yourself to the farmers market and stock up on some early spring produce or other local treats. Soup season isn’t quite over yet, so you can boil up a batch of potato and leek soup and make your kitchen smell like one delicious springtime simmer pot. Or visit the coffee booth and try out a new blend at home — because is there anything comfier than sipping out of your favorite mug?

Take a nature walk.

Despite April’s reputation for inclement weather, don’t let it deter you from venturing outdoors and immersing yourself in nature. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll through a misty forest or a brisk hike along a rainy trail, connecting with the natural world can be profoundly rejuvenating — even on the grayest of days.

Try out some creative pursuits.

Channel your creative energies into a craft or art project that speaks to your soul, whether it’s painting, writing, gardening, or something else entirely. A rainy day is the ideal excuse to hole up with a new project, and spring is the perfect time to try a new hobby that will bring you joy and activate your mind in a fresh way.

Make time for self-care moments.

Use this short season to prioritize self-care and pampering. Whether it’s indulging in a long bath, practicing yoga, or simply taking time to relax with a good book, make self-care a priority and nurture your body and mind. Self-care can also come in the form of binging the TV show you’ve been putting off for too long or ordering a splurge-y delivery meal when you’re too exhausted to cook.

Embrace slow living.

In a world that often feels fast-paced and chaotic, comfy season encourages you to slow down and savor the moment. Take time to appreciate the little things, whether it’s watching the rain fall outside, writing in a journal, or enjoying a quiet evening at home alone or with loved ones. There’s no rush to get to the warmer days when you can cherish the essence of hurkle-durkling.