This “Family Sized” Mattress Is Literally 12 Feet Wide, So Go Ahead and Adopt 5 More Dogs

published Jan 23, 2020
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Bedtime is, quite frankly, the best time of the day. You get to put the day behind you, jump under your sheets in your fleece robe (just me?), and put reality on pause for the next 8 hours or so. The idea of doing this in a king-sized bed is the dream, but almost doubling that width? Unfathomable—until now.

Say hello to the Ace Mattress’s family sized option that’s currently blowing our minds. Measuring 12 feet, this option is much wider than its king-sized cousin, implying what’s in the name and allowing for the ultimate family slumber party.

Credit: The Ace Collection

In addition to the width, the mattress is 12 to 13 inches thick, made with individually wrapped pocket coils. Two inches of density foam tops the mattress, covered in a bamboo fabric and complete with a fire retardant barrier. Keep in mind that the mattress base is not included in the price and sold separately.

Ace Mattress sells other sizes as well, but their claim to fame is most definitely the mega mattress. After picking your size, continue the customization with selecting a base, headboard, and bedding for the full package.

We’re 100% all for the family size, but make sure you measure your room beforehand (as you always should). Nothing is worse than buying furniture that doesn’t fit… although the idea of your entire floor being a mattress is pretty appealing.