The $13 Amazon Find That’ll Tidy Up Your Cluttered Drawers for Good

published Jan 8, 2024
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Organizing is a never-ending process, especially if you have a habit of splurging on little things here and there like I do. But in the New Year, I’m holding myself to my resolution to purge items I don’t use enough. One week in, I’ve even already filled an enormous box with old clothes to donate, and I’m planning on tackling my makeup drawer this week. Things are definitely already looking up in 2024.

However, decluttering is only step one when it comes to tidying a space. Once the initial removal of all of that extra stuff is complete, then it’s time for the real fun: finding organizers that’ll keep things neat all year long. I’ve seen some wildly creative items out there that I never knew I needed (just look at this incredible dishwasher pod holder), but sometimes, you can’t beat the basics. WOWBOX’s six-piece set may be simple, but it packs a huge punch; you can say goodbye to messy drawers and medicine cabinets once you snag this handy set at its $12 sale price.

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What is the WOWBOX Clear Plastic Drawer Organizer Set?

At 6 inches by 3 inches by 2 inches, these rectangular bins are extremely versatile size-wise — they’ll surely fit inside drawers or cabinets of any depth when you place them side by side. But if you really want to maximize your space, you can even stack each piece on top of each other, with zero risk of them toppling over. That fact, paired with non-slip feet on the bottom side of each tray, means that they won’t budge even if you slam the drawer or cabinet door.

You may even want to grab a set to keep on top of your desk or countertop, instead of tucked away, given their sleek, minimalist appearance and the range of color options. (Aside from clear, you can go for black, purple, or light blue.) Most importantly, though, they’ll last; thanks to the thick non-toxic plastic, the set is built to withstand any sort of wear and tear. So once you get all of your things in order, you won’t have to worry about needing to replace them and start over.

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.5/5

“Take my money!!! Keeps my vanity so organized. They are made from sturdy material, thick plastic, very durable and can be used anywhere in the house. I love that they are different sizes & easy to clean them. I need more for the rest of my house! Worth the purchase.” – Cynthia Harwood

“These have so many multiple uses. I was able to organize drawers, art supplies, makeup, etc. What I love about them is unlike a one-piece multiple-compartment drawer organizer, should something spill, you do not have to take everything out to clean it, you just clean the one compartment. EXCELLENT!!! Sturdy, well made and they fit together very well.” – ds3811

“I ordered these for my daughter who wanted to organize her vanity and have everything esthetically pleasing. I love all of the different sizes and how they can be placed in different ways. She didn’t need all of them so I used some for my bathroom drawers. It’s been a game changer. No more losing stuff or having to dig through a drawer. Everything is nicely organized and presented. It really is the little things!” – Eva B.

January is all about fresh starts, and what better way to achieve that than by giving your home an organized makeover? The transformation that you’ll get with this bin set might seem small on the surface, but the impact it’ll have on your space is far from subtle. You can leave rummaging endlessly through your drawers behind in 2023!