This Compact, Folding Office Chair Is the Small-Space Solution I’ve Been Searching For (and It’s Made Me More Productive)

published Apr 25, 2023
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Like many people, I assumed that when the pandemic began, working from home would be a temporary thing. Initially, I used my sofa or bed as my workspace, but as weeks turned into months, my lower back told me I needed a more supportive situation. So I transferred my setup to the little bistro table in the corner of my studio apartment, and, because the accompanying wire chairs weren’t good for long stretches of sitting, I bought a cheap plastic folding chair that I could stash away when not in use.

Fast forward three years later. Still working from home — just three days a week — and the seat of the plastic chair has cracked. I decided it was time to upgrade to a real office chair, but it has to be small-space friendly, because I live in a tiny studio, and reasonably priced. Thankfully, I didn’t have to search for long, because the folks at X-Chair offered to let me test one of their office chairs, and I found exactly what I was looking for: the X-Stack, a compact, ergonomic chair that measures 22.25″ wide and 34.25″ high and has a seat that folds up for easy storage.

The X-Stack arrived late one evening in a large box, and the chair needed no assembly — all I had to do was fold the seat down. Compared to my big folding chair, it seemed almost tiny. But at the same time, it had everything that the folding chair didn’t. Wheels! Armrests! A pivoting backrest! I couldn’t wait to take it for a spin!

Credit: X-Chair

The next morning, I put the folding chair in the closet, placed the X-Stack at the bistro table, and settled in. Immediately, everything became so much better. The contoured seat (which is 18″ wide) was much more comfortable than the flat plastic one I’d been used to, and my back felt like it was being cradled by the mesh backrest. The armrests lent support while I typed away on my laptop, and the chair’s wheels glided effortlessly across my floor without leaving a scratch or scuff (which, sadly, my plastic chair did). The biggest difference I noticed is that I could actually sit and work for hours in the X-Stack chair without feeling any fatigue or the need to get up and move around.

Credit: Mark Marino

I’ve been using the X-Stack for three months, and my only regret is that I didn’t upgrade sooner. It’s actually made me feel more productive and, believe it or not, I look forward to sitting down to work each day because it’s so comfortable. Unlike the plastic chair, the X-Stack doesn’t fit in my closet, but when the seat is folded up (see above), it fits snugly against the bistro table and takes up virtually no extra space in my studio. While the X-Stack may not be the most stylish seating out there, at $300, it’s a fantastic option for small-space dwellers who are seeking a top-quality ergonomic chair that won’t break the bank.

Buy: X-Stack Chair, $299.99 (normally $399.99)