The $15 West Elm Find That’ll Keep Your Sponges from Getting Gross

published Feb 20, 2024
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A small kitchen with a pink backsplash and a collapsible dish rack
Credit: Lauren Kolyn

It’s safe to say that hand-washing dishes is a chore in every sense of the word. Even if you have a dishwasher like I do — which isn’t all too common here in NYC — there are a number of items in my kitchen that I can’t load in there in order to keep them in top shape, like my Always Pan. Plus, sometimes I need an item fast, and can’t wait two hours for it to get clean. Whatever the case, even though it’s unavoidable, I absolutely dread scrubbing things by hand.

That’s why I’m always on the hunt for items that’ll make the process easier, like my electric spin scrubber. But one simple item has been (and will remain) a dishwashing staple in my kitchen for years: my Scrub Daddy sponge. As much as I love it, however, I don’t want to see it resting on my countertop all the time, nor do I want to fish it out from the bottom of the sink. That’s where a suction sponge holder comes in handy, and this two-tier one from West Elm is going for only $15 and it’s from our favorite organizing brand, Yamazaki.

What is the Yamazaki Double Sponge Holder?

As simple as it may seem, a poorly designed sponge holder can cause a number of problems for you in your dishwashing routine. First of all, too-weak suction cups will have it sliding down the walls of your sink. Further, you want the sponge itself to be held securely so that it isn’t falling out and getting gross in your sink. The holder also needs to allow for drainage, so it doesn’t get mildewy.

That’s why you need to add this secure Yamazaki sponge holder to your setup — it’s built to last and keep your sponge in great shape. The upper tier is meant to grip your regular sponge, while the bottom serves as a spot to rest your steel wool scrubber that cuts through tougher messes. In addition to appearing clean and minimalist, the open design means that water will drain automatically, ensuring that you won’t have to replace your sponges as often.

Credit: West Elm

What Yamazaki Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 3.7/5

“I was worried the suction cup wouldn’t be strong enough, but this little guy pulls his weight. I put my sponge on top and a metal scrubber on the bottom. I believe that my sponges will last twice as long without getting mildewy with this item.” – Alyssa Y.

“Great product! It is excellent quality and hangs very sturdy from my tile backsplash. Holds two sponges and looks nice on the wall. I highly recommend this product.” – Susan D.

“Simple, minimalist design. Sticks well to the side of our kitchen sink. I like how it is discreet and barely noticeable.” – Victoria G.

A functional, reliable holder will make such a tiresome task not quite as difficult, keeping your sponge easy to find and clean. It doesn’t hurt that, with your sponge out of sight, your sink area will look tidier, too. Whether you have yet to buy such an item or want to ditch your subpar version, you can’t go wrong with Yamazaki’s offering.