This Best List-Winning Shower Caddy Instantly Decluttered the Soap and Shampoo Avalanche In My Tub (It Holds 14 Bottles!)

published Apr 12, 2023
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It’s a mystery how I seem to collect sooo many products in my bathroom, and even more of a mystery that I somehow manage to use most, if not all, of them. Fortunately, I’ve corralled all the makeup and skincare items that took over my bathroom counter into a variety of cosmetic organizers. However, the next step was to figure out what to do with my soaps, shampoos, and shaving cream. I don’t have a lot of space in my shower to store tons of bottles. I can fit a max of two at a time, maybe three if one is small enough. As a result, I’ve had to turn to other storage solutions for my lack of vertical space. Yamazaki continues to knock it out of the park with their minimalist magnetic organizers, dish racks, and shoe storage. Their Shower Dispenser Caddy is no exception: It won Best Freestanding on our Best List for editor-tested shower caddies and organizers! Once I tried it for myself, I quickly became a fan.

If you can’t hang a caddy from your shower head and are low on bathroom space, don’t worry: Yamazaki’s Shower Dispenser Caddy is smaller than it looks. The four-tiered organizer measures only 17 inches high and 11 inches wide, and even though it’s narrower than a ruler, it holds everything I need for a shower or bath. The caddy is made up of three angled shelves for storing pump-topped products, such as my favorite Neutrogena Rainbath shower gel, Cerave face wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Thanks to the angle of the shelves, I can retrieve bottles easily, whether I’m sitting or standing. The top shelf is flat so I can stock up on other bath essentials, and the caddy comes with two hooks to hang towels, loofahs, and anything else with a loop. An added bonus is that the organizer is small enough to move from bathroom to bathroom without an issue. Believe it or not, that happens fairly often since one of our bathrooms has a shower stall and the other has a full-fledged bathtub.

Credit: Britt Franklin

With my everyday bath needs housed on the freestanding Shower Dispenser Caddy, I’m now able to keep the edges of my tub nice and clear. The organizer is also just the right size to tuck away in a closet or off to the side so it’s not in anyone’s way. It’s made out of durable steel, comes in white or black, and requires no assembly outside of the anti-slip feet placement. The hooks can also be positioned however you see fit. In all, the Shower Dispenser Caddy holds a total of nine bottles on the angled shelves and then a handful of items (Bottles, bars, tubs, you name it!) on the top shelf, so you can really pack it full without pushing its limits. For reference, each shelf has a capacity of roughly 6.5 pounds. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do, but it’s so sleek and convenient that I don’t know how I went without it for so long! If you need a bathroom decluttering solution, the Shower Dispenser Caddy is it.