I Store All of My Ornaments in This One Organizer and It’s Life-Changing

published Dec 9, 2023
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When I was growing up, my mom had a sage green ornament organizer made out of cardboard, and when I moved into my own home, she passed it on to me. I adored the nostalgia and it got the job done (okay, barely), but that’s about it. The box came to me with one of the handles ripped off and a corner worn through, and it only took a couple of years for the rest of it to fall apart too. After it bit the dust, I was all too happy to move on to something more functional (and hoped improvements had been made to the product category since 2006).

Quick Overview

Why I Love the Zober 2-in-1 Christmas Ornament Storage Box

  • It’s a multipurpose organizer.
  • It has 5 stackable bins, handles, and removable slots.
  • It can hold 73 ornaments, stockings, lights, decor, and more.
  •  It’s affordable and made with good materials.

Enter: The ZOBER Super Rigid 2-in-1 Christmas Ornament Storage Box, the multi-purpose organizer that’s basically a Christmas miracle. In the middle are five stackable bins with easily accessible handles and removable slots that hold 73 ornaments total — 64 3” ones and nine 4” ones. (If you’re an ornament collector like me and that doesn’t sound like enough, don’t worry. You can totally double or even triple up.)

What’s most exciting is that ornaments are just the beginning! On either side of the bins is open storage you can organize into compartments with velcro dividers, which is probably my favorite feature — I’m all about versatility. On the left side, I have two compartments: one for stockings and lights and another for my bulky stocking holders. On the right side is where I like to keep art and other decor like a tray for Santa’s cookies. The storage is so roomy and well-distributed that I haven’t even touched the large side pockets or clear pockets on the inside of the lid. 

I used to have to store all of my decorations separate from my ornaments, but the ability to keep everything together makes my life so much easier. As long as I can find the big green box (which, unsurprisingly, I have yet to misplace), I have everything I need for the holidays.

Credit: Quincy Bulin

I’ve also been super impressed with the quality — especially for the price. It’s made of hardcore 600 Denier Oxford canvas that’s pretty much never going to rip, which is great because no matter how well I plan, every year I end up tearing the organizer out of some obscure corner of storage. Somehow, it still looks brand new.

If I have to be critical, I’ll say that the only thing that could make it better would be wrapping paper storage. ZOBER does have that too, though, in addition to a tree bag, box exclusively for ornaments (great if you live in a small apartment), light organizer, wreath bag, and box for decor. It sounds ridiculous, but as much as I pride myself on being able to fit all of my holiday decorations in the storage box, I wish that I could justify the entire collection. 

Credit: Quincy Bulin

Pulling the box out every November and seeing all of my stuff neatly organized is so satisfying. It also makes early January, when I have to resign myself to cold weather sans holiday spirit, a treat too.

I’m very into Marie Kondo and The Home Edit, and out of all the organizational gadgets I own — most of which I use way more often — this is the one I could write a novel about. Or at least an article!