19 Origami Ornaments You Can DIY for Christmas Decor in Any Style

updated Dec 13, 2023
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One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting to decorate your space in a way that brings you joy. That might mean stringing up lights, adding a festive garland to your mantel, or creating a sophisticated table centerpiece. For those who celebrate Christmas, that usually also means setting up a tree — whether that’s a real or faux version — and covering it with ornaments. If you’re looking to zhuzh up your own tree this year, consider skipping store-bought Christmas ornaments and making DIY origami ornaments instead.

The great thing about origami ornaments is that they can be as simple or as complex as you’d like (or you have time for). And, as with all DIY ornaments, creating origami offers an opportunity for family and friends to spend time together getting into the holiday spirit. The following origami decor ideas go beyond your classic tree baubles, too. You can make Christmas crackers to adorn your tree, fill up clear orbs with color, and even felt an origami crane for every bough — or turn those crafts into a display for the table or front door. Regardless of what style or type of project you choose, there’s a DIY origami ornament idea here for you.

1. Lucky Stars Mini Ornaments

These tiny stars are the perfect place to start for those new to origami or planning to make ornaments with kids. For her decor, Andreja from Easy, Peasy, and Fun fills a bowl with these sweet, colorful decorations, but you can easily add a string or hook to hang them on your tree (or even just nestle them within the boughs). Depending on how you cut the paper, you can also tailor the size of your stars to your liking.

2. Origami Paper Wreaths

These diminutive wreaths are ideal for adorning your holiday tree, and the project is easy enough that folks of all ages can get in on the DIY fun. The secret: These wreaths, from Leslie of Pink Stripey Socks, are made of just one simple folding technique that repeats to give a woven effect. Use scraps of paper for an explosion of color, or make an ornament using patterned holiday paper for a more traditional style.

3. Paper Polish Star

This intricate Polish star is a showstopper, but it’s easier to pull together than it looks. Christine, the mastermind behind Christine’s Crafts, gives a step-by-step tutorial (plus a video!) on how to make these impressive origami Christmas ornaments. The entire star is constructed of 10 identical circles, so once you master one, the other nine will follow.

4. Paper Roll Snowflakes

Need a way to recycle all of those paper towel and toilet paper tubes from extra holiday guests throughout December? Helen from Arty Crafty Kids has the perfect solution with her snowflake ornaments. These toilet paper roll snowflakes may not be traditional origami, but they have the same folded paper style and are a snap to create.

5. Half Bauble Puffs

Whether you want a creative way to recycle your junk mail or have an impeccably curated collection of patterned papers, these half moon origami ornaments by Nomita of Your DIY Family are an adorable project. Eight circles are transformed into a cute puffy ornament, with the radius of the circles you trace determining the dimensions of your ornament. Stick with one size for your whole tree, or use choose different dimensions to fill your tree with ornaments big and small.

6. Three-Dimensional Music Sheet Ornaments

Channel some festive spirit by printing off the sheet music for your favorite carols — or other meaningful songs — and turning them into these cute ornaments by Sonja and Jane of Sustain My Craft Habit. Don’t be surprised that coffee is part of the supply list for these faux Christmas balls. It helps age the freshly printed music sheets to make them look like heirlooms. Ingenious!

7. Heart Gift Tags

This heart origami from Bee Mello Flowers is a perfect multi-purpose gift. Use it as a tag for another package and write a sweet message inside; once the wrapping paper has been tossed and the gift is in use, your personal note can hang on your loved one’s tree as a sentimental and stylish ornament.

8. Classic Pleated Ornaments

With touches of silver and similarly shaped to your traditional ornament, these gorgeous paper baubles created by Ann Martin are a great substitute for those metallic, glass spheres. She breaks down the process on her blog, offering a thorough and helpful tutorial that can guide even inexperienced folders to success.

9. Origami Wreath

Christmas wreaths aren’t only for the front door. Another masterpiece from Akiko Wakefield, this delicate wreath can be made in a smaller size to use as an ornament.

10. Tiny Ornament Fillers

If your ornament inventory is already full, use it to your advantage by mixing your folding capabilities with what you have on hand. Filling a clear bauble with an assortment of colorful paper stars, like Debora Argueta did here, takes a basic Christmas staple and turns it into a dreamy ornament you’ll want to have front and center.

11. Paper Pinecones

These gorgeous pinecone ornaments by Country Hill Cottage are perfect for anyone who likes a nature-inspired look for their tree. Whether made in neutral shades of brown and cream or crafted from sparkly gold paper, these decorations are

12. Origami heart ornaments

Along with cheer and good wishes, Christmastime is meant for spreading love. Even if you can’t see some loved ones in person, origami hearts can show them you care — and bonus, they’re lightweight and easy to mail. Bee Mello Flowers designed these particularly pretty hearts that, and crafting (or purchasing) some of your own adds a reason to smile to you or your recipient’s tree.

13. Whimsical patterned ornaments

Even the most diehard Christmas fans can agree that red and green often feels a little overdone. If you’re feeling bold, why not switch up your traditional Christmas palette with these ornaments that are as vibrant and pretty as they are festive? Origami Blooms used paper from Anna Treliving to create these gorgeous baubles that are perfect for sprucing up any tree or window display.

14. Turtle dove ornament

This gorgeous bird ornament done by The Crafty Gentleman will elevate any tree, especially surrounded by festive stars. Imagine making multiples of these to add to an all-white set up or a Scandi-inspired tree — perfection!

15. Wrapping Paper Origami Ornament

Another masterpiece from Ann Martin, these are made of wrapping paper and can spruce up any Christmas tree, tabletop display, mantel decor, and more. They’re also a perfect DIY for using up leftover wrapping paper that can’t be recycled (or paper that’s simply too pretty to part with!).

Credit: Otto Finn

16. White Geometric Ornaments

If your decor tastes skew more minimalist, this ornament is for you. Otto Finn’s snowy white ornaments are neutral, sophisticated, and the perfect fit for styles ranging from warm minimalist to simple Scandi.

Credit: Yvette Ja

17. Christmas Crackers

It’s high time the British tradition of Christmas crackers — miniature wrapped tubes that reveal a tiny gift and an eye roll-worthy joke when “cracked” open — fully made its way across the pond. This impeccable version from Yvette Ja is a perfect starting place. Set them under the tree or tie string around them for an impromptu ornament that’s also a gift.

18. Felted Origami Ornaments

A classic origami crane can magically transform into a beautiful tree addition with the help of fresh fabrics. Puddy Pad Designs’ stunning crane utilizes folding techniques but thanks to its wooly felt and deep red color it gives off a cozy wintery vibe.

19. Origami Garland

With or without a tree, you can still fully embrace festive origami ornaments. Rather than hanging ornaments on a faux Christmas tree, take some inspiration from Akiko Wakefield who fashioned a set of paper trees into a gorgeous garland. Hang yours over the fireplace, like Wakefield did, or string them over doors, mirrors, cabinets and more — this festive, small space-friendly decor will fit practically anywhere.