10 Most Beautiful Speakers You Won’t Want to Hide

published Oct 22, 2012
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Speakers for your home audio system come in many shapes and sizes, some more decor-friendly than others. Here are 10 speaker designs that make listening a visually inviting experience. Just remember, always make sure to audition speakers before you buy – as we all know, looks can sometimes be deceiving.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  • The Drop and Mini Pod are two whimsical speaker designs from Scandya of Denmark. These little guys help create that retro chic look for your pad.

  • Bowers & Wilkins of the UK make the lovely PM1 speakers with gentle curves. Charming wood grain trim and the Nautilus tube loaded tweeter easily fit into most rooms.

  • PMC is another British builder of home and professional speakers. With the model Twenty-21 you get a 2 way speaker with studio heritage. Not content to be just plain speakers, the Twenty-21 provide lovely veneers and rhombus like styling.
  • The R300 from KEF gives the drivers a fully exposed look with tasteful accents. With a sort-of charming elegance, the speakers drivers are surrounded by aluminium trim against wood cabinets.
  • Amphion, a Finnish audio firm, produces the Ion+ speakers. The Dieter Ram influenced design gets even more attention with optional speaker grill colors. This simple 2 way design is equally at home on your desk or on a small shelf.
  • Don’t want a traditional looking speaker box? The Mojo is a 1 foot tall omni-directional speaker that emites sound all around – 360 degrees. Built in Denmark by Davone, it also sports a downward firing sub.
  • Dali recently introduced this futuristic speaker called the Fazon F5. A handsome looker, this mid-sized slender speaker sits on a metal base and has 3 different high gloss finishes available.
  • Lindeman of Germany builds this compact 2-way speaker (in its Birdland series) named the BL-10. With white ceramic coated drivers and simple veneers, the BL-10 creates a clean modern contrast that continues down to its own custom stands/mounts.
  • Davone also produces this Eames inspired pair called the Ray. The curvy molded wood cabinets uses 2 speaker drivers, and attaches to special cut steel legs. This striking pair of speakers may command attention, but they also have a laid-back appearance.
  • last but not least, The Elixir monitor built by Hansen Audio of Canada gives you sleek and skinny looks with a top grade automotive paint finish or optional faux leather. Your silver rocket of sound awaits for take-off.
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