9 Ways To Use a Side Table Around The House

updated May 7, 2019
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Side tables are funny things. They always feel like they come with a larger price tag than they should for such a small piece of furniture, but they’re usually required for comfort in a living area. Having a place to put a drink or magazine is nice, but check out some of these other creative ways to reuse them when it’s time for something new.

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1. Stacked As Shelving: You can use all of the same style (IKEA Lack comes to mind) or you can use different ones and stack them like totem poles. They’re often less pricey than a full bookcase and will be more sturdy.

2. Pushed Together: Scooted together a few tables of the same height aren’t a bad place to put a few pillows and call it a bench. It’s not ideal and it might be off putting for those who aren’t fans of sitting on furniture that’s not usually sat on, but they make a lovely bench in a pinch.

3. Add Power: Mount a power bar to the bottom of a small side table and drill a few holes in the back of a drawer and you have an instant charging station without adding another piece of tech to your house. Use zip ties to keep things in place and you’re all set!

4. As Night Stands: Although this one probably isn’t a new one for many, there might be those that haven’t considered the option of using them in this manner.

5. Small Appliance Stand: In kitchens where space is sparse, full work stations can be hard to come by and adding a full island can clutter things up. A small side table (even if it’s around the corner in another room) can be much needed space to place a toaster oven or even coffee maker.

6. Cut The Legs: By cutting the legs down half way you have a perfect height for an ottoman. If you’re looking for something upholstered, just attach a piece of foam to a board and place it on top. If you take the legs off completely you can stack the drawers (if there are any) together and make a jewelry chest or seed storage chest… well, anything that fits in small spaces really!

7. Outdoor Plant Stands: Try adding a clear sealer to your wooden pieces and add a few wheels to the bottom. They’ll give you a solid 5 years outside (if not more in non-winterish areas) in seasonal climates and even give you a place to store a few small tools for potting!

8. Hide A Pet Crate: Homeowners are always looking for a way to disguise their pet crates and under a side table is a great place to do it (especially if the table is between the wall and your sofa). It’s added security for your pet and helps to conceal a giant metal cube in your living room.

9. Under Desk Storage: In your home office area it seems that people are finding themselves with less and less room. A side table tucked under a desk makes for a great place to stash a printer or scanner without taking up extra desktop space. If you’re worried about cords head to a computer parts store and pick up longer ones and add some wheels to the bottom of the table — then it slides right out when you need it!

How do you put a side table to use in your house? Have a creative idea to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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