16 Brilliant Ways to Store LEGOs That’ll Eliminate Toy Clutter

published Oct 18, 2023
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Legos are organized on shelves.
Credit: The Organized Mama

There aren’t many toys that combine the sheer joy of occupying your kids for hours with the frustrating (and often painful) mess it creates. I’m talking about LEGOs and, for parents, the struggle — at least for storing them — is real.

Here are 16 clever, interesting, and, in some cases, downright brilliant ways to store those little colorful bricks.

1. Clear plastic containers with lids 

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to store LEGO bricks is using clear bins with snap-on or latched lids, like how this California home has them. These containers come in various sizes and, because they’re clear, you can organize bricks by color, type, or even project. Shoe-size containers are great for single kits — make sure the instructions are stored in there, too — and easy to stack on shelves.

2. Open-top plastic bins

To make the LEGOs more accessible to little hands, store them in open-top plastic bins like the ones @chicly_organized use. The handles make the bins easier to pull down from shelves. There are endless ways to label storage bins, from small chalkboard labels to adhesive vinyl labels made with your Cricut Maker.

Credit: Daily_Dig

3. Lego mat-storage combos

Several playmats transform into storage bags that are perfect for LEGOs. Mom Jessie Kozak (@daily_dig) uses Swoop bags for all the LEGOs her family inherited from relatives. She loves that she can “swoop” up the pieces and everything is stored right in the bag. 

Credit: The Organized Mama

4. In open bins by color

One of the ways Jessica Litman of The Organized Mama decluttered the LEGOs in her house was by sorting them into bins by color. First, they took all of the LEGO bricks out and sorted them into baggies to determine how many they had and in what colors. Next, she used open-top bins and labeled them by color, with extras for wheels, people, and manuals.

5. Color-coded lidded bins

Not only are these color-coded bins functional, but they’re also fun. Coordinate LEGO bricks with bin colors, or organize by LEGO shape or project. Just don’t forget to label the bins. @afreshspace used mini Polaroid photos as labels. Super cute!

Credit: Viv Yapp

6. Cubbies

Cubbies are perfect for hiding LEGO bricks while keeping a room chic and clutter-free. This U.K. home has a large cubby against a wall to hold toys and treasures.

7. Cute baskets

You can’t go wrong with a cute basket, whether you’re storing linens or craft supplies. Why not use them for LEGOs, too? These in this Chicago bungalow are oh-so cute and chic. 

8. Storage ottoman

Ottomans can store more than just throw blankets and extra linens. Interior designer and TikTok user @accordingtomandy found a super-cute ottoman perfect for stashing toys like LEGOs in your living room. (Your guests will never know!) 

9. LEGO table

Multipurpose furniture and LEGO tables — store-bought or DIY — put the “fun” in functional, like this one @eftekassat has. These tables also encourage kids to build and display their creations, all while keeping those injury-inducing bricks off the floor. They come in various sizes, heights, and materials, so you can pick the one that best fits your space and needs. Some even come with chairs.

Credit: The Handyman's Daughter

10. DIY Lego Workspace

Avid DIY-er Vineta Jackson, aka The Handyman’s Daughter, has built the ultimate LEGO workspace — and you can do it, too. It’s got everything from tables topped with LEGO-building surfaces to overhead storage drawers. This will keep your LEGO builder busy for hours, and cleanup should be a cinch.

11. Built-in shelves

When DIYer and mom Shelley Westermen (@crazywonderfulblog) redid her kids’ playroom, she included built-in shelves to keep the room tidy. Store LEGO bricks in cute baskets or woven bins and place them on these shelves. You can even use these shelves to display your kid’s LEGO creations.

12. Zipper mesh pouches

Storing entire LEGO sets in mesh pouches — the way TikTok user @lifewithlainee did — is ingenious. These multipurpose pouches are waterproof and durable, and the zippers keep the bricks from falling out. Cut out the front of the LEGO box, which shows the final project, and attach it to the corresponding pouch. Your kids won’t have to search for specific parts; they’re all right there.

13. Bead containers or tackle boxes

Crafters know a thing or two about storing small pieces. So it’s no surprise organized LEGO enthusiasts like TikTok user @brickdesigned use plastic bead organizers to store small specialty pieces. These plastic containers and drawer systems come in several styles and sizes; some even have snap-close lids and carrying handles. (Just in case your kid wants to take his LEGO on the next family road trip.) Tackle boxes are another popular way to store them.

Credit: Raising Dragons

14. Craftsman tool chest

Mom of four boys Andrea Yi of Raising Dragons transformed a heavy-duty Craftsman chest into a creative LEGO storage unit. She attached Peel ʻN Stick Baseplates to the inside of the top cover and on the bottom of the chest. She filled the drawers with LEGO bricks, sorted by color.

15. Built-in storage under a bed

A bed with built-in storage, like the one in this Cali beach cottage, has so much potential beyond storing clothes or bed linens. You can even sneak in some toy storage here, too.

Credit: Viv Yapp

16. Under-the-bed storage bin

If organizing by color, shape, or set isn’t important to you, get under-bed storage containers like the ones found in this U.K. house. Dump all of your LEGO bricks and accessories into the bins and shove them under the bed — and out of sight.