These Will Be 2020’s Most Popular Plants, According to One Expert “Plant Mom”

updated Dec 23, 2019
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Because light plays a crucial role in their survival, we can’t wrap up 2019 without delivering some much-deserved shine to plants. Whether hanging from the ceiling, delicately adorning a windowsill or serving as an eye-catching table centerpiece, plants have a unique ability to instantly upgrade a space.  If you’re looking to bring some freshness to your decor for the start of the new year, it wouldn’t hurt to take a glimpse at which plants will be most popular in 2020 to use as a sort of personal greenery guide.

The list comes to us courtesy of online plant shop Bloomscape’s resident expert Joyce Mast, fittingly known as Plant Mom. With over 40 years of horticulture experience, Joyce curates all the site’s plants.

Without further ado, here’s a peek at the plants we can expect to have a blooming presence in the forthcoming year.

Credit: Esteban Cortez

The Money Tree or Pachira aquatica is predicted to be next year’s “trendy indoor plant.” Beginner plant parents take note: We’ve already determined this to be the easiest indoor tree based on the ease of care and its ability to thrive in indirect sunlight.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Next, we can also expect to see colorful plants of all sorts, which should come as no surprise because who doesn’t love vibrant, photogenic flora? Plant Mom highlights Marantas like the Red Prayer Plant and Neon Prayer Plant; Tradescantias like the purplish Zebrina, the Pink Dragon and the Polly; the Watermelon and Ginny Peperomias, among others.

The next predictions pair perfectly with Classic Blue, the Pantone 2020 Color of the Year, so expect to see a ton of blue-hued plants spend some time in the spotlight. Plant Mom advises plant-seekers to keep their eyes peeled for Bird of Paradise, Calatheas (in particular, the Orbifolia), Dracaena Limelight and Sansevieria as well as the Money Tree.