Aldi’s $9 Cottagecore-Inspired Find is a Garden Must-Have

published May 2, 2024
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Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

Now that spring is here, it’s a great time to spend more time in your garden and add a few whimsical touches to it. Nothing can top the adorable fairy-like figurines at the Dollar Tree, but this new product at Aldi is an affordable addition that you can’t pass up.

Belavi, Aldi’s gardening and outdoor living line, is selling a gorgeous plant trellis in two designs: a rounded trellis adorned with birds, and squared trellis with geometric shapes. Both options are only $9 and measure to 12 x 68 inches, and their rust-resistant material protects them from any water damage.

If you’re unfamiliar with the purpose of a trellis, it’s a tall item crafted with metal or wood, and the gardening accessory is designed to support climbing plants. You’ve more than likely seen one at a botanic garden or plant nursery — especially near any rose bush. In case you aren’t growing any roses at home, a trellis is still convenient for any climbing plant, such as a pothos or honeysuckle.

This Aldi trellis is an ideal size for a small backyard garden, but you can also level up to this  even cooler trellis from Amazon that includes a beautiful bird bath for $27. Reviewers say that the product can hold water and resist wind, plus it’s bird-approved.

“It is small and sturdy,” one reviewer wrote. “Holds about 600 ml of water and the birds seem to love it.” Some customers complemented the trellis’ gorgeous decorative touches that come in three different designs: a dragonfly, butterfly, and hummingbird. This is definitely the cutest way to upgrade your garden on a budget.

But if you need a simple trellis that resembles the Aldi product more, try shopping at Lowe’s. The retailer’s $11 trellis is nearly identical to the item at Aldi, and it’s highly rated by Lowe’s customers for its sturdiness and price.

While you’re shopping at Aldi, keep an eye out for the store’s other gardening gems like the three-tiered plant stand or adorable bee house.