10 Cleaning Products You Can Buy at Aldi Right Now

published Feb 10, 2023
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There’s a brand new Aldi store in my neighborhood. While I’ve heard about the store’s great prices, I was pleasantly surprised by its unique selection of items. Beautiful birthday greeting cards for only $1.49 apiece? I definitely snagged a few for upcoming celebrations in my family. Not to mention I also discovered some effective cleaning products you might want to check out the next time you go shopping at Aldi too.

Credit: Allison Ditmer

1. Radiance Cleaning Eraser

These cleaning erasers come in a two-pack and are extra strength for multi-purpose cleaning. Great for the kitchen, bathroom, and my favorite :  my greasy stovetop. You can use both sides, which means you have more time to clean with it before having to toss it.

Credit: Allison Ditmer

2. Dawn Dish Soap

Doing dishes doesn’t seem quite as bad if you’re able to get a whiff of apple blossoms in the air. Not only can Dawn clean your dishes leaving behind a sweet smell, but it can also remove bacteria from your hands while doing so. Talk about the dual benefit of cleaning while keeping your hands germ-free.

Credit: Allison Ditmer

3. Windex

Windex Original is a cleaning staple in my home. I use it to clean my windows, my bathroom mirrors, and even my picture frames when they need a little extra sparkle. It always leaves a streak-free shine. With two kids in the house, it’s also great for removing fingerprint smudges, which is a regular occurrence these days.

Credit: Allison Ditmer

4. Tandil Bleach

This Aldi brand of concentrated bleach can be used for multiple purposes in the home. It’s known for whitening your laundry and can even remove mold and mildew. It’s most popular in my home when it’s stomach flu season and I need a powerful disinfectant to kill unpleasant germs and viruses. 

Credit: Allison Ditmer

5. Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter

If you have to clean the bathroom, enjoy the refreshing scent of citrus while doing it. Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter can remove your soap scum and kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria. It’s great for the tub, shower walls, and even your vinyl shower curtains.

Credit: Allison Ditmer

6. Radiance Mopping Cloths

After sweeping your floors to capture the dust and dirt, these wet cloths are great to use for that final cleaning touch. Do yourself a favor and make floor cleanup fast and easy in the future by grabbing these lavender-scented floor wipes the next time you visit. Bonus: They smell nice, too.

Credit: Allison Ditmer

7. Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaner

This popular multi-purpose cleaner is another product that comes with a relaxing lavender smell. There is no rinsing required — simply apply this cleaner with a sponge, mop, or cloth of your choice directly to most hard surfaces in your home, and voila  —  discover no dirt, grease, or grim once you’re done.

Credit: Allison Ditmer

8. Fantastik Disinfectant Multi-Purpose Cleaner

This fresh scent cleaner is known to remove grease on hard and non-porous surfaces in your home. For some of those really grimy jobs, simply spray a couple of times and let stand for a few minutes before wiping. If you want to disinfect as well, make sure you spray and let stand for a total of five minutes before completely wiping clean.

Credit: Allison Ditmer

9. Radiance Heavy-Duty Scrub Brushes

These heavy-duty or non-scratch brushes are an Aldi must-have. You get three brushes per pack, which breaks down to just a little over 50 cents per brush. What a deal! These brushes are great for cleaning dishes, and at a price as low as this, you can replenish more frequently.

Credit: Allison Ditmer

10. Tandil Laundry Scent Booster

These booster beads come in both fresh and lavender scents. According to the directions, fill the cap halfway for everyday freshness and fill it fully for those smellier washes that need a boost. Just make sure these beads go in your washing machine before your clothes to enjoy a lasting scent when they are clean.

Editor’s Note: This story was published before learning that select Fabuloso products are being recalled due to bacteria risk. Read more here