This $12 Organizer Is the Ultimate Tool to Tidy Up Your Wardrobe

published Nov 18, 2022
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My closet and I have a love-hate relationship. I love shopping for new clothes, planning my outfits, and owning nice things. But I hate organizing and trying to make everything fit in my little 3′ x 5′ space. That’s not to say I don’t try. Sometimes, though, it feels like nothing works. Ironically enough, my bigger and bulkier garments are easier to keep neat than smaller pieces. Coats and jackets go on hangers, while sweaters and other knits get stowed away in bins during the warmer months and brought out onto my shelves in the winter. And here at AT, we’ve discovered plenty of storage solutions over the years just for those chunkier pieces, including collapsible boxes, purse organizers, and over-the-door holders.

Truthfully, I have a way harder time with thinner, lightweight apparel. Take my tank tops, for example. If I put them on a regular hanger, they slide off. Plus, that’s a waste of an entire hanger! If I fold and stack them, the whole pile becomes messy as soon as I start looking for a specific top. Recently, though, we came upon the perfect thing for this exact problem. The Leccod Tank Top Hanger from Amazon will revolutionize the way you organize these tricky garments.

Whether your collection comprises mostly racerbacks, halters, or spaghetti straps, it’s no match for this multi-hook hanger. For just $12, you get a slim, 16″ bar with a 360° rotating head and 24 nonslip hooks. That’s right, you can fit up to 24 tanks on one hanger! No more stacking them in short piles that you have to rifle through every day. Amazon shoppers agree that this is one purchase they certainly don’t regret. “I used these as shown for my tank tops, but it could be used for a bunch of other things… bras, belts, scarves, all kinds of stuff,” one reviewer noted. “The main part is really solid and durable, and the fins fold in and out to be used.” Because one hanger can fit so many garments, your wardrobe will no longer be cluttered by the annoying contraptions. You might even get more than one (they also come in a pack of two) for things like dresses and lightweight bags.

There’s almost no limit to what you can store on the tank top hanger as long as it’s not too heavy or wide. And although this product would be great for any closet, those living in small apartments or dorms absolutely need this! Just think of all the extra space!