8 Celebrities Who Absolutely Flourish As Plant Parents
It's time to highlight those already in the spotlight who are flaunting their love for plants to the masses. (Oh hey, Joanna Gaines!) Scroll through our list of A-listers who are showering Instagram with their flourishing greens.
Jun 28, 2019
LGBTQ Design Experts On What Pride Means to Them
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This Former Mining Bus Is Now a Tiny Home on Wheels
Who could’ve predicted that living in a bus would be considered #homegoals? Well, when you get a tour of Buster, a former mining company bus-turned-decked out home, it’s not difficult to envision yourself setting up shop inside of a repurposed vehicle. Another one of Paved to Pines’ projects, Buster is one of those conversions that elicits an instant chorus of “oohs and aahhs,” and “When can I move in?
Jun 28, 2019
8 Fast Kitchen Fixes You Can Make Right When You Move In To a New Place
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This ’80s Staple is Back, and We Have Thoughts
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A Bright, Minimal-ish San Francisco Condo Has a Cute, Plant-Filled Modern Balcony
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Jun 28, 2019