Lizzy Francis

Lifestyle Editor at Apartment Therapy

Brooklyn, NY

I've been writing seriously since I was 16. I knew as soon as I graduated college that I only wanted to work in an industry where I'd be writing and editing for my day job. I don't see myself doing anything else. My biggest professional accomplishment is that, due to consistent and incisive coverage of the lack of federal paid leave in the United States in my role as a News Editor as a News Editor at a parenting organization, that brand was invited to testify on the need for paid leave in front of the House Ways & Means Committee. My personal accomplishments are centered around my passion for writing: I've written several plays, had poetry and short fiction published, written a novel, and have another book in progress. I love making people's lives better through service journalism, be that by helping solve problems or by explaining the problems as they exist. The world is hard enough — good journalism should make it easier to understand (and be fun, too!)
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