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This DIY Trellis Adds Wonderland Whimsy to Even a Tiny Outdoor Space
Here's a fun way to add a little interest to a simple fence.
B&A: A Plain ‘90s Bathroom Gets a No-Reno Transformation for $650
A DIY redo gives this bathroom some much-needed personality.
Before and After: A $40 Secondhand Cabinet Gets a Modern, Colorful Second Life
This peeling, dingy cabinet just needed a little TLC.
This Popular Amazon Retailer Just Released a Line of Outdoor Furniture
This new outdoor furniture line is comfortable AND affordable.
Here's an IKEA Hack That Every Plant Parent Needs to Know
There's an IKEA hack for everything!
This DIY Art Hack Is Modern, Chic, and Ridiculously Cheap
Lookout, Picasso! We're making a masterpiece on a budget.
These Upcycled Coconut Candles Put My Store-Bought Favorites to Shame
Stylish and sustainable? Yes, please!
Here's a Unique and Affordable Way to Switch Up Your Backsplash
This kitchen has a renter-friendly — and budget friendly! — alternative to a tile backsplash!
B&A: A No-Reno Project Fills This 1920s Dining Room with Personality
The before? Nice. But the after? Stunning.
Your Next Piece of Statement Art Just Might Be Hiding in Your Closet
This project is cheap and rental-friendly!
This Is The Most Unique, Sustainable Pantry You've Ever Seen
If you have blank wall space and like to upcycle, you can have a vintage, one-of-a-kind pantry.
B&A: 3 Hours and $110 Later, This Awkward Corner's a Stylish Home Office
A few small tweaks made this space more stylish (and less distracting).
B&A: A 1920s Bathroom's Redo is a Perfect Blend of Vintage and Modern
An unfortunate plumbing incident was the catalyst this bathroom needed for a total overhaul.
This Website Is the Best Kept Secret for Affordable, Oversized Art
Save money and transform your space.
If You Can't Wait to Travel, Then This Artsy IKEA Hack Is for You
All you need is a few maps and some glue!
B&A: A Kitchen's Redo Makes Its '90s Cabinets and Counters Look New
This kitchen transformation proves that small changes can make a big difference.
This Garage Staple Might Be the Most Stylish Way to Display Plants
Sure, you can hang your plants from hooks, but why not level up with a ceiling ladder display?
The Key to Sprucing Up Your Hallway May Be Hiding in Your Closet
The simplest, budget-friendly pieces can add effortless style to even the longest of hallways.
B&A: Clever Fixes Transform a Dated Bathroom for Less Than $1,000
This redo proves you can go a long way on a small budget.
Before & After: This Bedroom Redo Features Simple DIYs Starting at $3
Amazingly, no walls were painted in this cheerful refresh.
You'll Never Believe What This Headboard Was DIYed From
Lots of glue, insulation board, a mattress topper, insulation pipes, and this shocking material you can order from Amazon!
Before and After: An Empty Corner Becomes a Stylish Bar Area for $1500
Let this inspire you to give the weird and underused spaces in your home a new life.
This Black Sibling Duo Is Bringing Diversity, Design, and DIY to HGTV
Two Black sisters have a new show on HGTV, and so I'm here for it.
Bloomscape's New Line Makes Outdoor Gardening Beginner-Friendly
This launch will having you dreaming of spring.
The Smartest Way to Fill a Large Blank Wall Might Be Under Your Feet
Try looking down — not up — for wall inspo!
Here’s Why You Should Consider These Overlooked Spots for Hanging Art
Where you hang art can make a big difference!
This One Decorating Move Is a Sneaky Way to Gain Space in a Bedroom
And score a fancy, built-in look in your closet!
Before and After: A Cramped Bedroom Gets a Space-Maximizing Boho Redo
It went from dark to dreamy in just three weeks.
Before and After: A Beige Bath's $1,800 Redo Plays Up Some of Its Retro Glory
This DIYer uncovered a sweet surprise in his renovation.
Before and After: An Early 2000s Kitchen Gets a Sophisticated Revamp for $8,500
This kitchen went from dull to dreamy in only three months.
This Might Be the One Spot You Haven’t Thought to Wallpaper Yet
Whether you're decorating a room for the first time or giving it a much-needed refresh, the walls may be the first place you start.
This Illusion-Inspired Paint Idea Puts a Fun New Twist on a Now Familiar Trend
Paint a wall arch... but make it different!
No Couch? No Problem! Here’s How to Hack a Living Room Sectional for Less
Get creative with your seating and save a bundle!