Doing This One Small Task Today Will Make Your Bathroom Feel More Organized

updated May 3, 2019
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No matter how often I “clean” my bathroom, it always feels like there’s a mess hiding in the shadows. An undercurrent of disorganization. A collection of clutter just out of sight. It probably feels that way because although I try to keep my cabinets and drawers tidy…I haven’t really expended that much effort, just kind of tossing my stuff into random drawers. Who has time for anything more?

Thankfully you don’t actually have to have more time than that. With today’s 15 minute minimalism installment, our expert’s advice will give you a specific starting point for this not-as-monumental-as-you-think task and provide some great products to consider purchasing. A lot of the advice below is very simple—some might even say common sense—and yet, I haven’t been following it…yet. Have you?

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Your 15 minute minimalism advice below comes from organizing expert Kristen Ziegler, founder and owner of Minima—a company that helps others declutter and organize.

“Living a more organized, minimalist life can feel like a big undertaking. I promise it gets much easier with time and practice, so don’t fret! (I have personally been at it for 15 years now.) As with any change or new habit, the hardest part is often getting started. The key with all of these projects is to establish clear homes for the things you own. Everyone’s space is different, so use this as a guide, not a rulebook.”

The key to bathroom organizing

The most important aspect of your bathroom organization is to separate out what you use daily or weekly from the infrequently used and back-up items.

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Stuff you use everyday goes here

If you have drawers at the sink or a medicine cabinet, that’s where the items you reach for regularly should go. Drawer dividers and medicine cabinet organizers will help keep these areas organized.

Stuff you don’t use everyday goes here

Under-the-sink cabinets are perfect for infrequent and back-up toiletries. Clear bins and sliding drawers help keep this area tidy and maximize that big void of vertical space.

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Group by use

Within the frequent and infrequent categories, I like to group by use: hair, eyes, teeth, face, body, nails, first aid and meds, etc. I do a seasonal audit and toss anything that has expired.

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The small task you can do today

Start organizing your bathroom by emptying your sink drawers and/or medicine cabinet and only putting back those items you use daily or weekly. Your personal care routine will instantly feel easier.

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Kristen doesn’t just talk the talk—she walks the walk; her home is a minimalist wonderland of monochrome hues and impeccably organized drawers. See it all (plus her bunny!) in her full tour → A Pro Organizer’s Exceptionally Serene, Minimal Rowhouse.

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