Need a Shower Curtain? Try a Beaded One to Keep a Small Bath Light and Airy

published Jan 19, 2023
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If you’ve traveled outside the United States, you probably know bath and shower situations in other countries vary widely depending on where you are. In Europe, for example, bathrooms often feature shower heads out in the open, with the entire room functioning as the shower enclosure. And the truth is, you’ll often find your fair share of bathroom quirks right here in the states. How many times have you tried turning on the tap at a friend’s house or a domestic hotel, only to be completely confused about how to get the water hot?

That’s the thing: Bathrooms (showers and tubs, in particular) are anything but standard.

And that includes using a beaded curtain instead of a traditional shower curtain! Honestly, I absolutely love the light and airy look of the bamboo style curtain Lee Alford hung in the bathroom of her Melbourne, Australia home. The curtain itself is, of course, from the leading purveyor of all things boho, Urban Outfitters, and it leans a bit Scandi modern with its oversized white circle design (that also comes in a black colorway, too).

This setup is not particularly practical, especially because there’s no shower curtain liner, but adding a clear one is super easy and doesn’t take away from the airy feel. You’ll still get the unexpected, cool look of the bamboo curtain here without worrying about the perceived lack of protection its providing from water spills and splashes.

Alford has blended her vintage, warm style with the bones of her home, what she referred to as “an open-plan, featureless white box.” This bathroom stands as the perfect example of that design mashup. The natural brown hues from the curtain, plant hangers, and wooden accents — along with plenty of plants — balance out a room that, with its large drop-in tub and white on white vanity, might otherwise feel sterile. I’d argue a regular shower curtain wouldn’t set off the space in nearly the same stylish way.