Before and After: This Garage Transformation Shows the Impact of Getting Everything Off the Floor

published Oct 20, 2022
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Before: an open garage with toys and tools scattered on the floor
Credit: Mark Nicholson

Garage organization is among the most high-impact home improvement projects. Garages are often neglected and treated as dumping grounds for things like cardboard boxes that need to be broken down. Aesthetics and maintenance are set aside since it’s not a part of our interior living spaces. 

But, garages are part of your daily life and a messy, cluttered one can be a downer. An organized garage, on the other hand, can be not only a functional addition to your home but also an instant mood-lifter every time you pass through. 

When MacKenzie Smith started a new job, she knew it was time to overhaul her garage. “I began working for Teal Triangle, which is a company that designs and develops garage storage and organization systems,” she says. “Learning about how great their products were, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to have a chance to finally take the time to reorganize my garage.” 

Credit: Mark Nicholson

Although she was inspired by her company’s products, MacKenzie shares that she was overwhelmed by her garage space and the idea of organizing everything seemed impossible. “Going through all of the stuff in the garage took some time and I thought there was no way I would be able to get all of this gear organized,” she says. 

But with the help of a co-worker, $800 of garage-organizing products, and about eight hours of her time, MacKenzie was able to completely transform it. Her goal was clearly defined: to be able to actually use her garage. “Getting gear up off the floor was important because I was not able to utilize any of my garage space,” she says. “My must-haves for this project were to have a place for all of my tools, gear, and my family’s bikes and toys.”

Credit: Mark Nicholson

Here’s how she did it: First, MacKenzie went through all of the items in her garage and decided what she could get rid of. Then, she decided which wall would be best for hanging the organization gear and she and her co-worker installed it. Next came the fine-tuning of the gear. “With the wall kits having different attachments for the specific gear I had, I decided which attachments I wanted on each kit and began putting my gear on the kits the way that worked best for my lifestyle,” she says.

MacKenzie shares that the hardest part of the project was going through all her stuff and the easiest part was installing the wall kits. “Having clear instructions and with the hardware provided, [the] installation was a breeze,” she says.

All her belongings were organized by type. “I kept my family’s bikes together, a place for toys, and a place for all of our yard tools,” says MacKenzie. “I also purchased a freestanding kit for extra tools that I wasn’t able to fit along that wall.”

Credit: Mark Nicholson

And getting all her things off the garage floor had just the effect MacKenzie hoped for. “Being able to see the difference that these wall kits made for my garage was such a relief. It was so satisfying to see that all of my gear had its own place on the wall and off of the floor.” 

For anyone looking to overhaul their garage, MacKenzie recommends that you “take the time to do this project. It is worth it. Being able to see such a major difference in the before and after makes the time and money worth it. Just having the space in my garage back is such a major plus.” 

Her satisfaction with the project along with the stunning after pictures is inspiring for sure. “Everything looks so perfect compared to the junky, crowded look my garage had before,” says MacKenzie. “The look of everything being organized is my favorite part about the after.” 

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