10 Fabric Shavers That’ll Keep Everything from Sweaters to Sofas Fuzz-Free

published Oct 4, 2023
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wool sweater with electric lint remover/sweater or fabric shaver
Credit: enzodebernardo/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Nothing can ruin the look of a good fabric like pilling. Whether it’s on your favorite sweater or on the seats of your upholstered couch, pilling is an inevitable part of life. After all, it means your products are getting the love they deserve! That being said, a nuisance is still a nuisance. Thankfully, there is a quick solution that can keep your favorite textiles looking as good as new: a fabric shaver. As tempting as it might be to sit there and pick off the fuzz one by one (who hasn’t done this before?), a fabric shaver not only speeds up the process, but also prevents you from damaging those textiles in the process. From editor-tested favorites to Amazon bestsellers, we rounded up 10 of the best fabric shavers on the market today. Here’s to a pill-free home!

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This first one is a personal favorite. As a dedicated fan of the Nori Press steam iron, I couldn't resist trying out the Nori Trim fabric shaver, too. I am no stranger to fabric shavers — using them is one of my favorite pastimes — so I was a bit skeptical as to how much different this one could be, but it is truly a star. Easy to hold and equipped with six precision razor blades, this pick is designed to be powerful yet delicate.

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Easily removing lint balls, pills, and pesky fuzz from clothing, upholstery, and more, there’s a reason why the Conair fabric shaver is Amazon’s favorite. Its blades are sharp and durable, and it comes with three adjustable shave heights that help maintain wool garments and delicate fabric — all at a stellar price! I mean, 84,000 five-star reviews can’t be wrong, right?

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Another Amazon favorite is the Phillips fabric shaver. Coming in two colors, this shaver features a large blade surface that results in fewer strokes needed to make your piece look new again. It also has a unique shaving head with three different-sized holes designed to pick up pills and lint of all sizes. Talk about a powerhouse!

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For a manual pick, check out the Gleener fabric shaver. Unlike other picks on this list, this dual shaver and lint brush requires no batteries. Powered by the stroke of your hand, simply glide this brush (which comes with an array of interchangeable edges for specific fabrics) across your pieces, and pills be gone!

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Williams Sonoma

The Pilo 2 fabric shaver may be a luxury pick, but it’s one well worth the money. With six precision razor blades and a large shaving surface, this shaver is stronger and more effective than the previous model while still gentle enough to use on delicate fabrics like cashmere. Plus, its design is definitely one of the more stylish options around.

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Budget-friendly and beloved by shoppers, for a quick pickup that’ll be easy on your wallet give the Evercare fabric shaver a whirl. This pick features a safe trim system with a large shaving surface that effortlessly defuzzes, depills, and removes lint from clothing, furniture, and bedding with ease, while its ergonomic handle simultaneously makes it one that’ll go easy on your hands.

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If you’re tackling a lot of clothing or large pieces of furniture, you’ll want to invest in a fabric shaver designed for large surfaces, like this double-headed find. Its dual design means you can make quick work of big projects, doubling your results while halving the time spent cleaning.

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This next pick has TikTok in a tizzy. The BEAUTURAL fabric shaver easily removes lint balls, pills, and pesky fuzz from clothing, upholstery, and more. Its blades are sharp and durable, and it comes with three adjustable shave heights that help maintain wool garments and delicate fabric. Top that off with a comfortable-handled design and it's easy to see why it has become an internet favorite.

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For a particularly stylish option, we had to show you the homeeasy fabric shaver. With a design that looks like something out of a luxury catalog, this shaver features six-leaf blades, an LED screen, and a built-in lint roller, making it capable of tackling whatever fuzzy mess comes its way.

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While we’d definitely say that every pick on this list is travel-friendly, this next one may be the easiest one to take with you on your next trip. The Comfy shaver and cashmere comb is a compact and easy-to-pack find that’ll make keeping your garments fuzz-free no matter where your travels take you.