The Best Pet-Friendly Furniture and Decor You Can Buy Right Now

updated Apr 6, 2021
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The love that pet owners feel for their four-legged friends is so big, it’s sometimes hard to contain. The cuddle sessions, the endless pictures of them dressed in cute outfits, the doe-eyed looks you get when they’re begging for some of your dinner — there are tons of precious moments involved in being a pet parent. But as every pet parent can attest, some of the not-so-cute moments happen when their paws, claws, fur — and worse — do damage to our furniture. Eek!

Pet owners need to do extensive research when it comes to shopping for furniture. It’s easy to assume a dark-colored couch is perfect for hiding those muddy claw marks, but what if you live with a husky whose snow-white fur sheds a lot? That jute rug might be perfect for your boho-themed living room, but can you really trust that your cat won’t claw at it? There’s so much to consider, it can easily get overwhelming! To simplify things, we’ve broken down what materials pet owners should look for when shopping for furniture, along with some stylish, durable suggestions.

Sofas & Accent Chairs

A chief concern among pet owners is those dreaded stains. Whether they come from drool, urine, or muddy paws, a stain will show up on your sofa at some point. Ultimately, you’ll want to search for fabrics that are durable and can stand up to the wear and tear that pets tend to cause. Generally speaking, synthetic fabrics like polyester and microfiber are excellent for pet parents because of their durability and how easy they are to clean. Leather and faux leather sofas are a great option as well because of how resistant the fabric is to scratches or punctures caused by furry friends’ claws. Beware, however, of aniline leather, which is more susceptible to scratches than other treated types of leather. You’ll also be better off with fabrics that are tightly woven, so delicate materials like chenille, linen, and silk probably won’t work. High-maintenance fabrics like velvet (except for synthetic velvet) and tweed should be avoided as well, since your pet’s hair will stick to it like velcro. You might also appreciate a sofa with removable covers that you can easily throw in the wash.

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Floyd's standout sofa has racked up quite a reputation for its durability. With a birchwood frame, powder-coated steel legs, stain-resistant fabric, and dense two-layer cushions, it's safe to say this sofa was made to last through the wear that rough-and-tumble pets can cause.

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This small-space-friendly sleeper sofa is not only functional and comfortable, it's made from microsuede. Read: It can handle pet messes like a champ.

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This gorgeous, modern leather arm chair comes in both chesnut brown, grey, and black. Simply put, it is a certified winner for pet parents concerned about stains from spills and accidents.

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This editor-favorite sectional is perfect for pets too. For one, the olefin fabric upholstery is stain resistant thanks to Burrow's deep-dyeing technique, which colors each individual strand to the core. The fabric is also tightly woven and inherently scratch resistant, making it ideal for sharp claws.

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Want a rich leather sofa without worrying about damage? Look no further than the Hubbardston 84" Square Arm Sofa. It's upholstered with a polyurethane blend that stands up great to pet scratches and stains. "Our dogs jump all over it and we haven’t had any issues with scratching the fabric," wrote one impressed Wayfair buyer.

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This pet-friendly armchair is upholstered in a durable and easy-to-clean synthetic fiber, and also comes with a removable cushion cover that can be machine washed. What's not to love?

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West Elm
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West Elm's deep, plush sofa is super cozy and has removable cushion covers that can be washed when your pet has an accident.


Jute rugs, shag rugs, woven rugs —there are so many options when it comes to rug materials and construction techniques, we wouldn’t blame you for not knowing which one is appropriate for your furry friend. Here’s a simple starting point, though: If you live with pets, you cannot go wrong with a flat-weave or low-pile rug. Flat-weave rugs are woven on a loom and contain no knots. Because of their simple construction, they’re very durable, great for high-traffic areas of the home, and hold up well to pets that make the occasional mess. Low-pile rugs work simply by virtue of having short fibers. Since there’s not much depth for dirt and stains to sink into, low-pile rugs are easy to spot-treat when stains accumulate. If you prefer a rug that you can deep clean regularly, there are tons of washable rugs on the market that pet parents are loving right now. Beautiful as they are, jute and sisal rugs can be tricky for pet owners — deciding on one really comes down to the type of pet you have. While they are easy to clean, the natural fibers in these rugs can snag onto sharp claws causing premature damage. When in doubt, choose a reliable indoor/outdoor option. If it can resist rain, sleet, snow, and sun damage, it can resist a few pet stains just the same.

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Made from durable polypropylene, this stain-resistant, low-pile rug is patterned with geometric stripes for an eclectic look (and one that will hide any pet damage!).

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Like all of Ruggable's clever products, this rug can be thrown right into the washing machine and come out looking (and smelling) brand new. "This rug is perfect for our eleven-year-old dog," read one satisfied customer's review. "He's a sweetie, but he has bladder issues. Two rugs ruined, and I was beginning to fear for the hardwood floors. Ruggable came to the rescue with rugs that are so easy to clean, adn they've changed my world!"

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This gorgeous indoor/outdoor rug is not only great to look at but also easy to quickly wipe down if any pet-related accidents occur. "This rug is very sturdy," wrote one Wayfair customer. "We have 3 active dogs and any stains from their paws come up quickly."

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Made of 100 percent virgin polypropylene, this tightly woven reversible area rug is a pet parent's dream. It is stain resistant and can simply be wiped clean to erase pet messes.

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Whether your pet likes to roll around in the dirt or is prone to accidents, a washable rug is your best friend. we recommend this minimal-patterned rug that's simple, stylish, and easy to keep clean.


Similar to sofas and accent chairs, you’ll want to look for ottomans made from durable and spill-resistant materials like polyester, leather, or faux leather. When your dog needs a place to hang out or your cat feels like being perched up high, the ottoman is likely where they’ll leap onto, so pick one with fabric that repels hair and stains.

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Made from engineered wood and polyester upholstery, this ottoman is not only gorgeous but also easy to spot-clean when your furry friends leave their messes behind.

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This gorgeous half-moon-shaped ottoman is perfect for placement in front of your bed (if your pet needs a leg up) or in an entryway. Besides being trendy, it has faux leather upholstery that allows for easy cleaning.

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Perfect for your living room, office, or bedroom, this ottoman is made of easy-to-clean faux leather that can survive more than a few scratches and dents.