5 Shark Vacuum Cleaners Our Editors Love for Getting Their Homes Spotless

published May 16, 2023
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Small round wood table with rug underneath. Someone vacuuming
Credit: Photo: Sidney Bensimon; Prop Styling: Anna Surbatovich

Sharks are a big deal to us. Not the underwater animals, although they certainly have their charm. I mean Shark vacuum cleaners. They’re some of the most powerful, compact, and thoughtfully-designed cleaning devices available, and whether you need a traditional vacuum, a combination wet-dry vac, or a little robot that will handle the vacuuming for you, Shark always delivers on quality. No surprise then that they made the top of our best vacuums list.

Whether you’re ready to replace your current vacuum or want to add another one to your cleaning arsenal, we have the perfect Shark tool in mind for every cleaning occasion. Our editors have enjoyed using these vacuum cleaners in their homes and they’re glad to dive into the nitty-gritty details about what makes each model special. Check out their testimonials below and learn which one is right for your space. When you get it home, we know you’ll love it.

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Although stick vacuums are all the rage, sometimes you need a hard-working upright vacuum to tackle all the cleaning chores you need to be done. You can maneuver this multifunctional device on hard and soft floor surfaces, then pop off the handle and use the attached hose to suck up dirt from high corners and the tops of window frames. By using the shorter nozzle attachments, you can turn this vacuum into the ultimate device for cleaning pet hair off your sofa and removing dirt from stairs. The canister is comfortable to carry around when you're cleaning like this, and when you're ready to empty it you can open the dirt canister and dump the contents into the trash. This is the vacuum cleaner that convinced our contributor Nicole to switch from Dyson to Shark, and she hasn't looked back. "I was honestly a little taken aback at how much dust this machine picked up the first time I used it," Nicole wrote. "Sure, my apartment wasn’t spotless, but I didn’t think it was that bad. The container told me otherwise. Plus, you can vacuum on both carpet and hard floors pretty seamlessly, which is just double the fun in my opinion."

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Vacuum cleaners can be stylish, and this cordless stick vac in a metallic lilac color is proof. It comes with a charging station, so you can park it anywhere on the floor, and unlike other stick vacuums, this one comes apart to take up less vertical space if you want it to. The other really nice thing about this vacuum cleaner is that its handle detaches and becomes a handheld vacuum on which you can add any of three nozzle attachments to get into furniture crevices or pick up countertop crumbs. Our commerce managing editor Tamara uses this vacuum in her apartment and receives compliments about its appealing design. "We test a lot of vacuums, so it’s safe to say the competition is fierce," Tamara wrote. "But if you’re looking for a ridiculously chic vacuum that doesn’t sacrifice style or power, this superhero device is the perfect marriage of both of those things."

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Shark outdid themselves when they came up with this cordless stick vacuum that has the ability to empty itself. This device has a similar look and feel to the other Wandvac model in our list, but when you dock it into its charging station, it automatically sucks the debris up from the dustbin and deposits it into a much larger catch tray that's built into the station. You do eventually have to empty this bin, but you no longer have to empty the vacuum while you're using it, and you'll always have a fully charged and fully empty vacuum that's ready to go whenever you need it. The handle on this model can detach to become a convenient handheld vacuum, which you can outfit with different included attachments to make it the perfect tool for cleaning upholstered surfaces and window curtains. Our Best List editor Britt loves using this vacuum to pick up after her dog, and found it to fit into her space very easily: "I knew my dog shed a lot — it’s why I vacuum so often in the first place — but the Wandvac was able to dig deep and grab dirt that my old vacuum totally missed. My living room floor has honestly never looked better."

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Roving, robot vacuums have become more capable since they first hit the market, and this combination vacuum and mop model is a great example of how far they've come. In addition to picking up dirt and hair across your entire home — this device has a self-cleaning brush roll that digs deep into carpet and rug fibers — it has two scrubbing brushes up front that wipe away messes on tile and wood floors. Our editorial assistant Nikol found this robot vacuum worked great for cleaning up after her dog and didn't leave a single hair behind. "As for the mopping feature, I just attached the appropriate mopping part and one of the included microfiber pads, then filled the robot with some water and the provided cleaning solution," Nikol wrote. "I let the robot map out our kitchen and front entryway, which have tile floors, and watched as it essentially washed them, leaving every tile clean but not sticky." And if you want to upgrade, you can choose a model that will empty itself into a provided dustbin.

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One thing we really appreciate about this compact stick vacuum is the fact that its neck can fold in half to help you reach far under tables and other pieces of furniture. Other vacuums make you struggle and readjust to get that hard-to-reach dirt, but this Shark model makes cleaning those spots remarkably easy. This vacuum also has sensors built into the head that will increase the suction power as needed when it encounters tougher or heavier messes. Our commerce SEO editor Sarah called it "the perfect vacuum" and was impressed by its versatile cleaning powers. "If I had to call out any feature of this vacuum I would actually call out two: the Clean Sense IQ technology and the brush roll," Sarah wrote. "With Clean Sense IQ, I could hear which areas of my floor were dirtier than I thought as the motor revved up on these spots for a deeper clean... As for the brush roll, I’m still confused as to how it prevents hair wrapping, but it does. As someone with long hair who’s constantly finding strands all over the place, I’m used to having to take apart the vacuum base to remove the hair buildup — a chore I’m now able to cross off my to-do list for good."