The 10 Best Stick Vacuums for Every Home and Budget

published Jul 14, 2023
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Vacuum cleaning technology has reached a point where the machines can be stripped down to only their essential parts — and frankly, that development has been great! It means vacuums don’t have to take up excess room in your closets, tether you to power outlets with long cords, or tire out your arms with bulky designs. Your vacuum cleaner can be nothing more than a stick, and it will still do a fantastic job.

Of course, with so many stick vacuums to choose from, you don’t always know at first sight which ones are worth purchasing. We’ve also been hit with a deluge of budget-friendly stick vacuums, and picking out the good ones takes a lot of testing and research. So to confidently choose a great stick vacuum, check out our top picks across sizes, styles, and price ranges. Every one of these works great and will make keeping your home clean super easy.

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In addition to having a dual roller system in the head for picking up hair, a HEPA filter in the waste bin for capturing allergens, and a built-in odor neutralizer, this stick vacuum also has an articulated arm that lets you clean under furniture without straining your back. After testing it, our SEO commerce editor Sarah called it the vacuum of her dreams.

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You won't find another under-$30 stick vacuum that works as well or has as many fans (more than 64,000 5-star Amazon ratings) as this one. It has a simple construction and quickly converts from floor length to handheld, so you can use it for regular cleaning as well as sprucing up your sofa and picking up small kitchen messes. No wonder this earned a spot on our Best List as the best budget-friendly stick vacuum you can buy!

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was $999.00

Get this LG stick vacuum for all its additional features, and love it for how much convenience it adds to your cleaning routine. The docking station empties the vacuum's waste bin while charging it, which means you always get the most suction power when you're cleaning and you never have to wonder if it's time to empty the bin. It also includes power mop attachments that let you polish your floors to perfection. Our senior commerce editor Alicia called this vacuum "basically magic" and wrote that while it "may be pricey, it comes with all you could possibly ever want. You get a Crevice Tool, a Power Mini Nozzle, a Combination tool, and an interchangeable mop head with microfiber cleaning cloths. The tools can be nestled into the stand, so they don’t take up any space or become eyesores."

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Pet parents love this stick vacuum for two big reasons: it has a self-emptying charging station, and its handle detaches to become a lightweight handheld vacuum that's great at navigating nooks and crannies in furniture and stairs. Those features help keep pet fur from overtaking your home, and the silicone fins on its brush head do a fantastic job of digging dirt and hair out of rugs and carpets. Our Best List editor Britt found this vacuum keeps her dog's hair out of sight and makes her floors look cleaner than ever.

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was $519.99

While Dyson continues to innovate in their stick vacuum lineup, their V8 Absolute remains a hardworking and worthwhile vacuum cleaner. Its wall-mounted docking station keeps it out of the way, yet in-reach for whenever you need it, and it includes two different large rolling brush heads, as well as a collection of tools that let you tackle any vacuuming job. Our contributor Sholeen wrote that this vacuum actually makes her excited to clean her floors!

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was $365.64

BISSELL designed the brush head on this stick vacuum specifically to protect itself from getting tangled up with hair, so it's a great choice for pet parents and actual parents, too. It has an exceptionally long runtime of 50 minutes, LED lights that help you spot dirt, and a built-in system to trap allergens. Our contributor Terri found this to be one of her favorite stick vacuums of all time.

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was $329.99

Samsung's stick vacuum is one of the sleekest and chicest on the market. It has convenient features such as a removable battery, a high-capacity dust bin, and different brush heads and attachments that work on all kinds of surfaces. Its mini motorized tool is especially handy for freshening furniture and mattresses, and its five-layer filtration system helps improve the air quality in your home, too.

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Home Depot

Parents will really appreciate this stick vacuum because it has a so-called Cheerio hole on the brush head to allow it to pick up large debris that children may leave around the house. It comes with a standard set of attachments that let you clean floors, stairs, and furniture, and, best of all, if you own any other Ryobi tools with 18V One+ batteries, you can use those batteries in this machine. That means you'll never run out of power mid-clean.

9 / 10

The coolest thing about this Shark stick vacuum is its removable, rechargeable battery. While other stick vacuums may run out of power before you're done cleaning your entire home, you don't have to worry about that with this vacuum because you can just swap in a new battery. Other noteworthy features include a brush head with flexible silicone fins that scrape up hair and dirt (without scratching floors) and an anti-allergen system that keeps unwanted particles out of the air.

10 / 10

Shark's mid-range stick vacuum option is a smart choice if you want a simple, versatile vacuum and don't mind using a power cord. Its main vacuuming component is powerful and quickly converts from a full-length version to a mini tool that lets you clean furniture and curtains. And because you plug it in while it's in use, you don't have to keep it out in the open in a docking station — meaning you have one fewer piece of clutter taking up room in your home.