Brooklinen’s Fourth of July Sale Is Packed With Best-List-Winning Bedding and Towels for 20% off

published Jun 28, 2023
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We know that our readers here on AT love to see which products our editors are currently using, especially when it comes to bedding. And not to brag, but we think we have pretty good taste. That’s why we strive to consistently share our top picks from the best bedding (and bath) brands out there, including Parachute, Buffy, and more. Of course, we’re also huge fans of Brooklinen, who’s currently hosting a sitewide summer sale. Now through July 5, you can snag tons of staff-picked bed coverings and bath essentials for 20 percent off. The best part is, not only have the finds below been personally tested by our team, but many of them are Best List winners, having earned high praise from our Best List editor, herself. From cotton percale sheets to the plushest bath towels you’ll ever try, there are goodies here for everyone, and they’re selling quickly. So hurry and scope out your own faves among the products below, and get to shopping (and saving!).

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was $59.00

Not only did this luxurious silk pillowcase make our Best List, but it also won the Best Overall category, with Best List editor Britt deeming it buttery smooth and fit for a queen. "With Brooklinen’s silk pillowcase, there’s no stiffness or resistance to cause bunching," she said, "As a result, I wake up with my skin as smooth as it was when I went to bed the night before." The pillowcase is also available in six pretty colors and two sizes.

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was $79.00

Another Best List winner, Brooklinen’s super-plush bath towels have sold out time and time again. Now available on sale, you don't want to wait on adding them to your bath collection. “These towels are absolutely the most soft, plush bath towels I’ve ever used,” contributor Grace said. "They feel like a sort of a cozy blanket and a super absorbent bath towel hybrid, so you dry off super quickly." Made from 100 percent Turkish cotton, they’re the epitome of spa-like luxury.

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was $179.00

Shoppers after a fluffy but not-too-heavy duvet will fall in love with the luxe duvet cover, which one first place in its category in yet another Best List. After trying it for herself, Britt said it didn't cause her to overheat throughout the night, plus it allowed her to change the look of her bedspread without having to buy a new comforter. Don't wait to snag the duvet in one of the four available limited-edition colors or one of the six essential shades.

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If you like a little crispness in your sheets, don't hesitate to add this cotton percale set to your life. “These sheets truly make getting out of bed a challenge — that’s how darn comfortable they are,” contributor Jasmine said when they won a spot on our Best List. She also compared them to sheets you might sleep on at a luxury resort, noting that they're weighty without making you feel stuffy.

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was $22.00

One of the brand's most recent drops, this delicious-smelling laundry detergent can be used for all of your loads, and it promises to leave linens and apparel ultra-clean and free of the residue that other detergents might leave behind. It's available in two pleasant scents, as well as a fragrance-free version, and its bottle has a lockable pump. "It was less messy, I didn’t have to worry about spills or wasting detergent by using too much, and I could tell how clean my clothes were once I moved them from the washing machine to the dryer," Britt wrote in her review of the laundry essential.

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was $209.00

Before trying Brooklinen's flannel sheet set, senior commerce editor Ian worried that their material might cause overnight sweating. He found the opposite to be true, however and even deemed them the best sheets for winter. They have a "classic, pared-down look that matches any and every aesthetic," he said when they won our flannel sheet's Best List. "And, they get softer each time you wash them, so there’s an incentive to actually do laundry!" The set is going quickly, but you can still score it in a cozy dark plaid pattern.

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was $269.00

Those who have been hot sleepers all their lives might be averse to the idea of sleeping with a comforter, but you'll no doubt find this down alternative number to be cooling and cloud-like. “It’s very airy, and the fill stays evenly distributed because it has baffle box paneling to break it down into neat squares,” Britt noted in our comforters' Best List. You can use the comforter all year long, which is especially great for those who don't care to frequently switch up their bedding.

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was $89.00

If, like me, you're not partial to super plush towels, you'll love these ribbed ones from Brooklinen's new-ish organic collection. They're ideal for quick daily showers and dry incredibly fast — plus their OEKO-TEX-certified organic Turkish cotton is good for sensitive skin. I tried a set in the vanilla color, which I love as an alternative to classic white, and can attest that the towels' ribbed texture is nothing short of luxurious.

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was $119.00

The great thing about Brooklinen's down pillow is that you can choose amid three levels of plushness, meaning that both people who prefer a softer feel and those who like firm support will enjoy it. "It molds itself to your body, particularly how you position yourself for sleeping," Britt said when the pillow won a spot on our Best List. "Whether I was scrolling through my phone on my back, sleeping on my stomach, or rolling onto my side to get more comfortable, the pillow adjusted on its own." So even though the pillow was technically designed for stomach sleepers, everyone can use it to achieve a better night's sleep.

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was $169.00

Another versatile piece, the weighted throw blanket can also be used year-round both as a primary bed covering and a drape-over-the-sofa napping blanket. Britt said she loves it for practically every sleep-related situation, including traveling. "Since I got this blanket last fall, there’s hardly ever a time that someone in my house isn’t wrapped up in its comfort," she wrote in her review. "It’s soft, breathable, and doesn’t trap heat, and even our dog (the most finicky member of the household… ) snuggles up beside it!" Weighing 12 lbs, the blanket is heavy but slim and therefore not overwhelming.

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was $229.00

In addition to the ribbed towels, I also got to try the 100 percent long-staple percale cotton sheet set, which is also part of the organic collection. In short, it's safe to say that this set is a must-have for summer. The sheets are thin, lightweight, and incredibly breathable. They also sport a wrinkled look, which only makes them look all the more lived-in and effortlessly chic.